Pabbar Valley - Chandranahan Lake Trek

Day-1 : Hatkoti to Tangnu via Rohru, Chirgaon by Jeep and then Trek from Tangnu to Janglikh Village

Sumo getting loaded for the ride to Rohru, Chirgaon and Tangnu


Tangnu - 8558ft

N 31*17.901' E77* 59.880' 

We starek first on Kutcha road

Looking back at the turn ...  where we got off from the Sumo

This is where we start descent from the road onto the trail .... Janglikh is on the in the center of picture across the river and valley  

Nithya-Sriram amounst the flowers!

Another one with me 

Plenty of green Charas stalks on Trek Trail from Tungn to Janglikh


15th sept 2008: 7:30AM (Trek Day-1)  Pankaj came to Hathkoti with booked Jeep and we loaded our gear and started off first to Rohru for breakfast at Mayfair Restaurant there. 

Nithya, Suzanne, Prakash, Maunish, Sriram and Sanghvi - after a hearty breakfast at Rohru's Mayfair restaurant on 15th morning

At 9:30 AM we  continued along the Pabbar river to Chirgaon (where we stopped for Negi's to buy some rations) and then along a kutcha road to Dhamdawadi and then to Bhatwari Nalla (just below Tangnu village). Here we got off the jeep and were met by a bunch of Porters. We started our trek from here at 11:50AM and headed for Janglikh.


Carpet of pink wildflowers on Trail to Janglikh, from Tungnu

The trail was first a few Kms on the kutcha road and then we went downhill on a steep trail, through beautiful meadows, with carpets of pink wildflowers, and amany fruit trees; to cross a bridge over a rushing stream and then a steep climb to Janglikh village, at 2900M, arriving at 3:00PM.

Sanghvi-ji was first to reach Janglikh School, with me close on his heels.

The Janglikh kids line up for a photo-op "lined-up" by Sriram

We reached the Janglikh school playground around the the school break time and so there were whole bunch of kids there. Pankaj & Maunish fixed up with the School Master for us to stay the night in one of the classrooms; to avoid pitching the tents. We then climbed upto Pankaj's  home for a "local" lunch of buck-wheat Rotis, a green leafy veggetable and spicy Pudhina chutney. Rest of the day relaxed in school balcony and at nighty a full moon came up from behind the mountains, bathing the school balcony in bright moonlight, as we sat dicussing our trek plans.

 Home of our Route Guide, Pankaj Negi, where we had lunch

Janglikh's 2nd New Temple - still under construction 

Janglikh - Govt High School  - where we stayed the night