Gwaldam - Debal Trek 

This trek is the initial first part of the historical "Curzon Trail" named after a British Viceroy. It is part of a long 150Km, 10-day trek leading to Kuari Pass.

After a Pilgrim's Trip to Badrinath Temple (with wife and family), I was hoping to do the Valley of Flower & Hemkund treks. But on 9th May 2007 while starting back from Badrinath, the trek route to VOF was still not open! Our Bus driver, a Sardarji, said Hemkund Trail will take 2-3 weeks more to open. So I had to kill 3 days before meeting Debu at Bageshwar on 13th for our Milam Trek.

 Nandaghunti (L) and Trishul (R)

 Cultivated fields along the trail

Looking back at Gwaldam .. on the ridge up there near telecomm tower.


 Plenty of monkeys in the Gwaldham GMVN-TRH front lawns.

I decided to go to Gwaldam, a nice hill-station and with a quiet and comfortable GMVN-TRH. I planned to stay there 2 days and explore the local trails. I knew that the famous Curzon Trail, originally started from Gwaldam (until the Tharali-Debal-Loharjang road opened) and goes north 150km, to Tapovan via Kuari Pass.

I did the short 8 km trek down from Gwaldam to Debal twice - on the afternoon of 10th May and again on 11th May morning. This trek is mostly downhill, from Gwaldam to Pindar River Valley. The trail passes through some beautiful Pine tree forests, green meadows and a nice views of Nandaghunti & Trishul snow peaks in the distance.

Some pictures from the this trek are show here:

Trishul & Mrigthani ranges seen from trail

Nearing the Pindar River Valley .......  one can see Debal, as small white specs on the right edge of the picture