Mukundgarh - the 6th town in Shekawati area I visited to see the Fort there

20-November-2012: After leaving Jhunjhunu I am drivng towards Mukundgarh mainly to see a Fort there. Reaching there i have to hundt around a bit for the Fort which is in a side internal road and hardly anybody has heard of it in teh main bazaar! 

Finally when I reach it I find the doors locked. I ask around and told to bang on the iron gate. After a few minutes a security guard opens it and says the Fort is closed and is being renovated as a Heritage Hotel and so I cant go in. I request him to take a few pics from the gate; which he agrees reluctantly saying he will lose his job if the the CCTV cameras catch me shooting pics from there! Anyway, I get my 2-3 pics of a nice looking Fort-Hotel and soon buzz off towards Dundlod.  
Another peep inside shot from the main gate
Mukundgarh Fort - gates closed!

A peep shot of Fort .. from the main gate