Triund Trek  in Himachal Pradesh

The popular day-trek from McLeod-Ganj to the Triund peak (8kms oneway, altitude 9200 ft) in the foothills of the Dhaula Dhar range in HP.

Gulu Devi Temple on way to Triund

 The half-way tea shop at 11:00am

 The river of frozen snow

 The row of  tents on Triund

The hordes of tourists on the Triund meadow & the Forest Rest House

This flower grows plentiful on the way to Triund - it is used make a variety jam I was told

Trek trail past Dharamkot

Atul (my Dharamsala GH owner) and I decided to the 8km day trek upto Triund (2827m)  in the Dhaula Dhar range of Himalyas in western HP. So waerly on 23rd April 2005 morning at 7am we left Dharamsala and too a share jeep up to Mc Leod Ganj. From there we started the trek at about 7:45am and first reached Dharamkot and then via Gulu Devi temple. On the way we crossed some  frozen snow flows and reached the Triund top at about 1:15 am. The total climb was about 5 hrs. At the top there was beautiful grassy meadowns and crowded with many trekkers with pitched tents and a picnic like atmosphere.  


Looking down at Dharamsala town

River of frozen snow as we neared the Triund Top 

Snow covered Pir Panjal range ... north of the Triund 

We started back from Triund at 2:00pm and were back in the Dharamsala Guest house by 6:30pm