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Driving through Arunachal Pradesh from Daporijo to Along, Pasighat. Wanting to go Teju we found the bridge over Brhamaputra at Pasighat was down so retraced back along North Bank all the way back to Shilapathar to try and ferry cross the Brahamputra to Dibrugarh at Bogbill Ferry Ghat.

Highlight pictures from this Tour:

Arunachal Pradesh 


Daporijo to Along

 Misty Clouds

Rain drenched villages

 Scenic views

Green views all the way!

The straight road goes to Mechuka and other exotic places!We have to turn right (WP470) to enter Alang



Daporijo to Pasighat

Main Street, Alang

View from Panging

Scenic view

River Siang comes in view


Pasighat Square

The Oman Hotel .. where I had stayed in 2007 visit here.


Hotel Siang - whose owner gave us  information about the Bogbill Ferry



Pasighat to Shilapathar


The rail cum road bridge (wp490) that we crossed on NH52, in Assam, at 4:30pm on way to Shilapathar.

Hotel Brahmaputra in Shilapathar (WP492) where we stayed one night before crossing on the Bogbill Ferry

Highlight Details of this Tour:

Next day leaving Daparijo early at 4 am .... amazing misty clouds!

23rd April 2009: We got up very early at 3:30am and left the Daporijo Hotel by 4am. The sky was already lit with pre-dawn light; as is wont in these Eastern part of India. HVK was charged-up as he believed we might be see tomorrow's sunrise at Kibithu, by reaching past Alang, Pasighat and Tezu today! But that was not be as we shall find out later today at Pasighat.

As we left Daporijo we had to head first to north of town to cross a river bridge (wp452) to the Eastern side of the valley and then head south all the way past as Daporijo and then past Dumparijo (wp453). The scenery was awesome green everywhere with white clouds floating above the rivers and on the mountains. 

Misty Roads with hardly any traffic

Pensive Kid sitting on top of a shop counter, as we near Alang


We had a nice breakfast in Yak Restaurant in Alang

We reached Along at 9:30am and after a round of the small town's streets we stopped at the nice YAK Restaurant for breakfast.  We left Alang by 9:45 and headed for Pasighat.

View from road from Alang to Pasighat

We arrive at Pasighat main square at 2:10pm

We reached Pasighat at 2:10pm and did a quick tour of the main streets and did some shopping for maps etc.  We were told to go to Tezu, we have to go back to Ranaghat, where there is a bridge & ferry crossing Brahamaputra. However at Ranaghat we were told the Bridge is still underconstruction and the ferry has stopped operating due to floooding in the river. And so we can not go to Tezu from here. This was disappointing as we had hoped to go beyond Tezu today.

We were asked to get more details at Hotel Siang in Pasighat, from where the Share Jeeps go to Tezu early in the morning.  At Hotel Siang the owner explained to us in details the various ferry-crossing options to go to Tezu.  The best and quickest option seemed to be the Bogbill Ferry Crossing since we could take advantage of the time left today, to reach Shilapather by late evening, stay in a hotel there overnight  and cross over to Dibrugarh by the first ferry at 7:00am on the morrow.  

We left Pasighat on NH-52 and crossed into Assam (wp486) and continued till we reached Shilapathar at 5:00PM. Checked into Hotel Brahmaputra there for the night. A DBL room Rs 500/- here. Today was the Voting day here in Assam and the town had just completed voting day. So there were lots of police and scurity still around as the polling booth was winding up, as we arrived.