Bhutan - A place named Happiness - A tour of Bhutan's main Dzongs, Lhakhangs & Monasteries; including a trek-climb to the Tiger's Nest and the famous 'Tsechu' (masked-dance festival) of Bumthang

Day-1: 17th Oct 2013 - Arrive in Paro and drive to Thimpu 

We flew in, early in the morning, into Paro from Kolkata by Royal Bhutan's Druk Air. 

We left for Thimpu immediately in our hired car, A Hyundai Tucson. At a junction, at Chuzom, on the highway coming from Phuntsoling, we crossed the Paro river and passed through the colorful entrance archway, with a hoarding of the young Royal Couple welcoming visitors to Bhutan. 

At Thimpu, we checked into a nice hotel (Peaceful Resort) on the hillside away from the main town area and after lunch we went first to see the Taikin (national animal) at the hillside Zoo and then to the National Chorten in Thimpu town. 

 The view of Thimpu ... from our hotel balcony

Taikin - Bhutan's national animal - A Goat's body and Antelope-like head

Later we visited the bazaar area of Thimpu and finally the huge Budhha Statue on a Ridge Top Hill facing Thimpu.

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 At Chuzom, the Welcome Arch and Royal Couple

The huge 50M high statue of Buddha being installed on top of hill-ridge, overlooking Thimpu can be seen from all over the Thimpu Valley

Aerial view Trashchhoe Dzong in Thimpu

The National Memorial Chorten in Thimpu