Nawalgarh - 8th town in Shekawati area I visited to see the painted Havelis

20-November-2012: From Dundlod drove down to Nawalgarh by 5:00PM and took a room in the modest Nawal Hotel  on the highway near the station road junction. Made CD copies of Pics shot thus far and had veg dinner at the hotel's restaurant. 

21-November-2012: After a nice breakfast of Rajasthan's famous Onion Kachori in a nearby shop and at 9:30AM took a share Auto to go into the town's Havelis area, near Podar gate. First saw the excellent 'renovated' Ramnath Goenka Haveli & Museum, then the nearby Dwarkanath Temple and finally the 'conserved' Morarka Haveli. By Noon returned to Nawal Hotel and checked-out and drove off to Ajmer. 

Main Entry of Ramnath Podar Haveli Museum

 At the Inner Courtyard - Podar Haveli 

Painted Walls of Podar Haveli

Ornate door to inner courtyard Podar Haveli
Krishna distributing butter to Monkeys 
Upper floor balcony view of Podar Haveli

A painting in Podar Haveli 

An ornate wooden door in Kulwal Haveli  

Ramnath Podar Haveli & Museum, Nawalgarh

Looking back at the street entrance

Painted Walls of Podar Haveli

Fresoe in Upper Floor Podar Haveli 

Radha & Krishna - Podar Haveli

 Kulwal Haveli - a conservation Haveli

Kulwal Haveli  

Fine Carvings on door frame in Kulwal Haveli

The idols inside the Dwarkesh Mandir