MP Tour 

Orchaa (meaning hidden place) was founded in 1531 as the capital of Bundelas. A wonderful complex of palaces and temples in a scenic setting of spires, domes & ramparts on the Betwa river

14th December 2005:

Started from Khajuraho's Gautama hotel at 7:20 am and drove via Chattarpur to Orchaa arr: at 11 am

Between 11 and 2:30 pm saw all the Orccha sights viz. Raj Mahal, Rama-Raja Temple, Jehangir Mahal Chaturbhuj, Laxmi Temple . After sight-seeing got a haircut from a Orchaa road-side barber! Had lunch and left for Jhansi at 2:30pm

Raj Mahal Palace, Orchaa

Jehangir Mahal ... as seen from Raj Mahal, Orchha

Courtyard of Raj Mahal Palace

Amazing Murals on the walls and ceilings of  Raj Mahal, Orchha, MP

 All the emporer's wives painted inside the elephant!

Jali-window in Raj Mahal

Raj Mahal courtyard


Jehangir Mahal, Orchha

 Jehangir Mahal Court yard

Decorated Doorway Jehangir Mahal

Elephant at Doorway

Jehangir Mahal - roof level

A marriage procession in Orchaa 


14th December 2005: Afternoon

In the afternoon had a look at the deserted ruins of Chaturbhuj Temple and later drove to the out-lying Laxmi Narayan Temple.

Chaturbhuj Temple



Laxmi Temple (AD 1622) Orchha

 Laxmi Temple - left wing

Mural Paintings on Ceilings

Looking up at the roof Chatri

Climbing steps leading up

One of the Minaret-like towers 

Roof-top views on Laxmi temple

Laxmi Temple Tower

Ceiling Mural at Laxmi Temple

Laxmi Temple - sign post put up by Archeological Dept.



16th December 2005: Started at 6:30am and did continuous driving more or less for 8 hrs / 400Kms till I reached Nashik at 4:30pm. Stayed there for the night at Hotel Abhishek with a room at rs 320/-

17th December 2008: Left Nashik at 7:00 am and arrived home at Thane by 9:00am


Murals painting on walls and ceilings ...... at Raj Mahal, Orchaa

Mural of Kishna with Gopis ... Raj Mahal Palace, Orchha 

Chaturbhuj Temple as seen from a jali-window in Raj Mahal

View from courtyard of Jehangir Mahal

Roof balconies, terraces, ramparts on Jehangir Palace


View of Orchha skyline from Jehangir Mahal roof

Wedding Hall ...... outside Ram Raja Temple, Orchaa


Chaturbhuj Temple at Orchha

Jehangir Mahal from a Chaturbhuj window

Laxmi Temple front entrance and right wing

Mural on ceiling of Laxmi temple

Roof-top Minarets on top of Laxmi temple

Orchha Skyline ..... from the roof-terrace of Laxmi Temple

Two walls of the Triangular Courtyard meet here


After seeing Laxmi temple, I left Orchaa at 2:30pm and drove to Jhansi and had a look at Bundela-style palace of Rani Lakshmibai  "Rani Mahal" there (no cameras allowed there).  By 4:30 left Jhansi and headed west on NH-25 and drove to Shivpuri (6:15pm) and stayed night in Hotel Delhi  (Rs 400)

15th December 2005:  Left Shivpuri at 5:15 am and headed south on NH-3 passing Guna, Biyavara, Sarangpur and reached 12:30 pm Dewas an dwithdrew ATM cash and filled Diesel and  had lunch here. Again started at 4:00pm bye-passed Indore and stopped for night-stay at Pithampur near Mahua, at a nice Sardarji-run Hotel Sadhana on the Highway. Got a room for Rs 300/- and nice punjabi food.