Kumaon Hi-Altitude Villages Trek - from Loharkhet to Birthi-Falls

A 10-day, 100+KM trek to some high-altitude Villages of eastern Kumaon. The route we took was: Loharkhet - Dhakuri - Khati - Mikila - Kimu - Namik - Thal-Kharik - Chupoo-Pass and finally the trail ending on the road to Munsiary  between Bala & Birthi Falls

High-Altitude Villages and 

amazing Peaks & People of Kumaon 

Morning sunrays on Maikatoli

Panwali Dwar from Dhakuri-top (2905M)

Great Trek! Great Views of Snow-peaks!! including Namik & Hiramani Glaciers and good "cold" weather (7*C to 17*C min-max)! Ideal for trekking; most nights pretty cold, but daytime with balmy sun (except one day of drizzle and snow threat between Kimu & Namik). There were three river crossings (Pindari, Sarayu, Ramganga); and consequently 3-4 up-down climbs of 1000m each! (reminding me of the Jiri to Lukla Classic Trek, in Nepal).  Fantastic remote villages with happy people and playful children at all these villages. Would highly recommend this trek route to all trekking enthusiasts! 


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