Yamunotri Trek (Source of Yamuna river) 
A 1-Day trek to Y
amunotri - where a temple to Goddess Yamuna sits at 3291M, atop a gorge in Bandarpunch, from where Yamuna, the 2nd holiest river in India emerges. Technically though the river emerges from a glacial lake, Saptarishi Kund, 12kms further up t
he remote Har-Ki-Dun Valley (near Swargarohini Peak) in Western Uttarakhand.

After my Har-Ki-Dun trek, I arrived in Barkot by evening of 13th July 2007. I stayed at GMVN-TRH in Barkot.

Next day, I was at Barkot taxi-stand at 6:00AM to catch a Share-Sumo for Hanuman Chatti (HC) but that left only at at 7:15AM, after it  got full. We reached HC at 8:45AM.

 Hamnuman Chatti Taxi-stand 

At HC, I was lucky to get "Booking" Sumo immediately, going to Janaki Chatti, with some 4 NRI Pax, who didnt object to the driver taking me, in the back folding seat. So i reached JC by 9:45AM 

I started the steep 5KM climb to Yamunotri at 10AM. The path was well paved and had even side bannister to prevent pilgims from falling off the steep mountainside. OI was surprised to find the paved trail clean and well maintained.

          Well-paved Trail .... all the way to Yamunotri.

On the trail saw lots of elderly pilgrims making a great effort to climb the steep mountainside to the Temple (at 3291M i.e. 10,800 ft.) of Godess Yamuna.

Some pilgrims prefer ponies

 Finally, Yamunotri Temple appears through the mist 

The temple is surrounded by 3-4 hot-springs where the devotees bathe first; before offering puja to goddess Yamuna, daughter of Surya (Sun) and Sangya (Consiousness) and twin-sister of Yama (Lord of Death).

I reached the Mandir (temple) at 12:15PM after a 2Hr-15min climb. After a quick darshan and a few camera shots later had lunch of Alu Parathas, in one of the dhabas next to the temple.

The walk downhill was pretty easy and I reached JC in 1.5 hours, at 2:40PM. Got a 3:00 PM share-sumo back to HC. 

Syanachatti town ... on way to HC


At HC, our Sumo driver decided he will go on to Barkot. So I was back in GMVN Barkot, by 5:30PM! ... thus the Yamunotri day trip got over pretty quickly and easily. 

Janki Chatti ....... looking toward Yamunotri

Half-hour into the trek ... looking back at Janaki Chatti in the distance. You can see the well paved trail ... one of the many trail-side Dhaba .... and a "Doli" pilgrim being carried down by 4 porters to Janaki Chatti.


You can see the trail rising steeply up the narrow gorge on the Bandarpunch mountain on teh left ... the red spired temple is just an ashram on the way ...the yamunotri temple is further uphill.

The Yamunotri Temple appears ....  out of the mist created by the cold ... and the steam arising from the Hot-Springs surrounding the temple.

The Yamuntri Temple ... with steam rising from the Hot-sulpher springs.

 To see a 360*View video clip from Yamunotri: Click Here

  On the way back to Barkot ... saw this temple, that sits atop a central peak in the middle of valley ... around which the NH goes all the way around.