Mawlynnong - Cleanest Village in Asia  

23rd December 2011: 
Went to Meghalaya Tourism Counter (after Police Bazar Breakfast) to see if they had gathered a minimum group size for Mawlynram or Mawlynnong tour. No such luck. 

The counter lady said there were a couple (Amit Das & wife) who were very keen like me, but no more. She gave me Amit's cell#. I called him but just a bit too late; he was already on his way to Mawsynram in a hired taxi. We decided to meet in the evening and fix-up for Mawlynnnong for tomorrow, in same taxi.

24th December 2011: 
Amit, Nivedita and me left Shillong in the morning around 10:15AM. It was a cloudy day. The route was very scenic!

Mawlynngong, 72 Kms from Shillong, reputed to be the cleanest village in India/Asia. It is in the south, near the border overlooking Bangladesh plains. 

Another view from the road to South

At 12:45PM we reached Mawlynnong

Beautiful Homes ... in nice garden settings 

Another beautiful garden and home

After walking around the green Village for about an hour or so, we found a nice home for a rice-plate lunch. 

This hut is the dining hall where we had lunch

After lunch, we walk to Riwaii Village and go past these beautiful homes to the root bridge 

Riwai root-bridge and stream flow below

Two smiling kids selling fruits by the roadside

Amit Das & Nivedita; on way to Mawlynngong


We can see our road ahead to Mawlynnong

Two kids at play in a home porch

Another kid playing with a Khasi basket

The bamboo skywalk to the treetops ... and a platform to view Bangladesh plains way below

Zoom view of B'desh plains over tree tops

Walking on the Riwaii Root-bridge over a stream

Two shy kids (twins?) of Riwaii Village

Sunset view (5:00PM) on way back to Shillong

By 3:00PM, we started back for Shillong after having enjoyed a wonderful visit to Mawlynnong and Riwaii. There are more beautiful pictures of these two villages in the slideshow below: