Cherrapunjee (Sohra)
22nd December 2011: 
Today was bus tour to Cherrapunjee (a.k.a. Sohra). After breakfast at Police Bazar street hawkers, boarded the bus at 8:00AM. Following was in the day's itinerary:

1. Mawdok Valley View
2. Eco-Park
3. Nohsithang Falls
4. Mawsmai Caves
5. Mo-Trop & Bangladesh View
6. Thangakarang Park
7. Ramakrishna Mission
8. Nokhalikai Falls

I had plans to stay at the famous 'Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort' for 2-3 days and to trek in the area; but that place was full and I could not get to stay there due to Christmas rush.
Signpost of Cherrapunji Points (click-enlarge)

View of Valley below from Eco-Park

Monoliths slabs near Mawsmai 

Mawtrop Rock resembles upturned Khasi basket

Ramakrishna Mission - Cherrapunjee

Thangkarang Park - exhotic orchids displayed in its greenhouse shed

Soon, I realised this was the wrong season to have come to Cherrapunjee! Most of the falls were running dry and without the legendry rains falling it was no great fun here. Still was happy to find one waterfall finally, at NokhaliKa, our last stop at 2:00PM. 

We had lunch here at a Hotel adjacent to the falls site. There were fruits stalls selling a variety of local fruits. Especially liked the juicy yummy pineapples. 
 Breakfast of Puri-bhaji at Police Bazar

The Chai-walla at Police Bazar Chowk

Mawdok Valley View on way to Sohra

Another View of Mawdok Valley

The waterfalls at Eco-Park were all dry!
The Mawsmai caves were scary and slippery too!

Huge crowd of children and picnicers at Thankarang Park

Nokhali Kai Falls, the only one I saw with water!