Pushkar - Carnival (Mela) Street Scenes

22-November-2012: Being the annual "Camel Fair" time, Pushkar was crowded with Camel and Cattle traders, Pilgrims from all-over India and a huge number of foreigners- all here to enjoy the fun-filled atmosphere prevailing in this town. 

I roamed around for the whole day at the Camel & Cattle Fair on the sand dunes and along Pushkar streets lined with shops selling a variety of goods. These pictures capture people and the carnival atmosphere of Pushkar.

A Sadhu strikes a pose for the Camera

Mela Grounds .. on Pushkar sand dunes 

Length of rope .. sold by weight 

Rajasthani food and snacks stall

Veiled Rajasthani ladies tour the Mela
 Pillows, cushions, bedsheets .... 

Handbags of all shapes and colors ... 

Camel Cart rides for the family

A foreign lady buying local silver necklace and anklets from a Rajasthani seller

Everything colorful for sale ... at the Mela 

Bells for the cattle 

Royal Colorful Umbrellas 

Salwar, Kameez, 
Skirts, Tops ... 

Camel rides for young ....

... and the old