Kuari Pass Trek (Page-2) 

Auli - Gorson Bugyal - Gorson-top - Khullara - Kuari-pass - Danu-Kharak - Dhak  

12th June 2010 - Day 3: Today we decided will be a rest day here in Khullara, since I had not slept well last night and had a stomach upset.  Day was also cloudy. SK howver went for a short trek to the Top of Khullara (6Km to and fro) ridge from where he said he got fine views of rolling green bugyals all around. At 7:00 in the evening it rained heavily and there was heavy gusts of wind. It might have rained well into the night, but we fell asleep early. 

13th June 2010 - Day 4:  Morning was clear skies and but it was cold at around 4-5*C. We planned to go to Kuari Pass and be back here today. After breakfast, SK and I started off at 7:15am and Sonu followed soon. We climbed steadily for about 3 Kms till we reached the tri-junction of trails from Kuari-Pass, Chandrakanta and Khullara. 

View looking back toward Khullara,  as we climb to the ridge. Flocks of sheep grazing. These shepards who migrate all the way to the head of Niti valley over 3-4 months of summer! 

From this Tri-Junction one can go climbing along the ridge-top to Pangarchula peak. We did a gradual down walk along-side the ridge for another KM to reach a campsite.  Another one km of gradual climb past a stretch where a newly constructed concrete bridge over a stream, was washed away last winter by a sliding glacier. 

We reached Kuari Pass at 10.00 a.m. Although it was sunny day, the white clouds partly covered most the peaks except Dunagiri, Hathi and Ghodi peaks which we had already seen from Gorson and Khullara. 

Me at Kuari Pass (3840M, 12602 ft) .... though a give a triumphant pose, I was disappointed with the views from here. 

I was somewhat disappointed with the views, but SK persuaded me to set up the tripod anyway and take some pictures with the DSLR & Tripod; having lugged it all the way here! The view of peaks from Kuari Pass did not match with my expectations.

Though not much to click, took out the DSLR and Tripod and set it up so it too could see Kuari-Pass (3840M) .... and not feel neglected! 

After some 30 minutes at Kuari pass we headed back to Khullara. The weather was holding fine and we reached our camp fast, by 11:30AM. After lunch and winding up camp, we started our down hill trek to Dano Kharak (at 1916M) around 1.45 p.m. 

Within an hour or so, we reached Dano Kharak campsite, located next to a summer village comprising of about 15 homes, with plenty of kids roaming in the thick forest setting here.

At Danu Kharak (1916M)  we set camp near a summer village. These two kids are tickled to see us two oldies in our tents!

14th June 2010 - Day 5:  Morning was really clear skies and plenty of snow peaks view through the forest trees. Due to campsite could not get snow peak pictures, without trees; still the pictures from here were charming:

Peaks seen from Danu Kharak campsite

We started our trek from Dhanu at 8:00AM. Sonu decided we will go down to Dhak Village instead of Tapovan (as planned), as he said it will be shorter distance and closer to Joshimath as we have to go there anyway to get permit and replenish supplies for NDOS trek. It was a steep climb down all the way. 

Dunagiri again - a peak that we saw from everywhere on trek

Around 10AM we reach Kharchi Village, descending down a steep stony trail. From here on the trail appears to be a bit level till we reach a viewpoint with a bus-stop like structure to look at valley below. We stopped there to have pack lunch of sandwiches and bananas. Nice views of Dhauliganag valley all the way to Tapovan and beyond from here. More over we could see Dhak village and the  road  below from where we will catch our Maxx "Dharkan". Sonu called the jeep driver on his cell from here.

Now at 11-40am we are al most reaching the roadside at Dhak

Our Jeep was waiting at Dhak roadside. We piled on and soon reached Joshimath hotel by 12:15pm.  Dhanu-Kharak to Dhak was a 9Km trek with steep descent most of the way.

Our Tent at Khullara Camp - bright sunshine of day-4

More tents had been pitched at Khullara last night

At a Tri-Junction on a ridge. Where trails from Khullara, Chitrakantha, Gailgarh and Kuari Pass meet. Pangarchula snow peak is seen to left.

On the way back to Khullara; as we near our camp site down there

Blue & yellow wildflowers on way to Dhanu Kharak

Haathi peak (zoom) ....  from Dhanu Kharak 

Another view of Ghodi & Hathi from Dhanu Kharak

A superb view from trail going down from Dhanu to Kharchi Village

Kharchi Village coming up ahead ..and the trail beyond.

Look up the Dauliganga valley .... we can see Tapovan and the road  bridge coming towards us and towards Dhak Village.

SK poses next to our Maxx, that was waiting to pick us up. End of Kuari Pass trek here at 11-45AM 14-Jun-2010