Days: 1 to 7 of GIRT tour  

Thane > Vadodara  > Udaipur > Mt. Abu > Jodhpur 


City Palace Entrance - Udaipur

City Palace - Udaipur

City Palace - Udaipur

City Palace - Udaipur

 City Palace - Udaipur

City Palace - Udaipur

Udaipur - as seen from City Palace

Fateh Sagar Lake - Udaipur

Fateh Sagar Lake - Udaipur

Sahelion-Ki-Bari at Udaipur

Sahelion-Ki-Bari ... at Udaipur

Mount Abu

Cold misty morning ....  at Mt Abu

View of Mt. Abu hills

Brahmakumari Center, Mt Abu


 Bramakumari Univ ... Mt. Abu


Dilwara Temple ... Mt Abu



Jodhpur....  as seen from Fort


 Jodhpur Fort

 A Palki display at Mehrangarh

 Rajput Weapons at Mehrangarh

An axe with beutiful carved motif


 The Darbar room at Mehrangarh

Ceiling of a Palace Room, Jodhpur

Gold plated roof & cornices at Palace

Dancing women in colorful ghagras


 Fine lattice work on palace windows 


 MehrangarhPalace Courtyard


Canon on the Fort's  terrace

Jaswant Thada.... main steps up

 Jaswant Thanda, Jodhpur

The memorial inside Jaswant Thada 

A marble idol of Lord Ram .... displayed in Udaipur Palace 

Day-01 > 14-Dec-07 : from Thane to Vadodara - 411 Kms

Today, the first day, was a long-drive; so we started early and left Thane at 6:00AM while it was still dark outside. We went west on the new 6-lane wide, Ghodbundar Road and then turned right (north) on NH-8 towards Ahemdabad. The drive was pretty good on this traffic busy 4-lane highway corridor between Mumbai & Ahemdabad. Tapan and I rotated driving shift  every 100Kms.  And thus we passed Vapi, Valsad, Navsari, Surat, Baruch etc. in good time. However, at about 2:30 PM, just 30 Kms before Vadodara on NH-8 there was a huge traffic jam and we were stopped for more than 1.5hrs! We finally decided to exit the NH-8 at Karjan, into a side road and made a detour to Padra via a deserted internal state road and finally reached Vadodara at 6:00PM instead of targeted 3:00PM. So the first day ended bad. At Baroda, we found a decent place for the night stay at Hotel Royal, near Railway station; each room at  Rs 600/- per night.


Day-02 > 15-Dec-07 : from Vadodara to Udaipur - 364 Kms

We started at 6:45 AM and filled diesel in the car and quickly reached the start of Toll Expressway from Baroda to Ahemdabad. That was fast and beautifully smooth drive of 100 Kms that we did in quick time of 50mins. But we exited wrongly at the city-end of Ahemdabad (instead of taking an earlier byepass exit to NH-8) and thus ended doing an additional hour thru congested city areas, till Narora. Once we were back on NH8 going towards Himatnagar we made good progress. The road became very scenic and emptier when we entered Rajasthan, near Khairwara.  

 We are held up by a huge herd of cows crossing the highway

We reached Udaipur by 1:45pM and quickly found a so-so hotel to stay on Station road called  Hotel Vaidehi (Rs 386/- per night). Our hotel was adjacent to a very popular restaurant called Nataraj, that served a Gujerati-Rajasthani style unlimited Thali for Rs 40/-

View from City Palace ... looking towards Lake Palace, Udaipur 

Day-03 > 16-Dec-07 : Extra sight-seeing day at Udaipur 

Today, we visited three of Udaipur's main sightseeing locations viz., City Palace, Sahelion-Ki-Bari and Fateh Sagar Lake. 

The famous Lake Palace ....  as seen from City Palace, Udaipur

Sahelion-Ki-Bari (Garden of the Maids)  ....  Udaipur

I took over 100+ pics with my new Canon D-400 DSLR camera. To see them all at my Flickr site click here: Udaipur . We had a nice lunch at Bawarchi, a place recommended by our Auto driver.  Then afternoon at a Cybercafe in Shalimar Hotel. Rest of the day relaxing back at hotel. Udaipur was nice and cold at night; maybe around 8-10*C.

Day-04 > 17th Dec 07 : Udaipur to Mt.Abu - 172 KMs

Today was a short drive, just 5.5 hrs. It would have been even less, if not for major 4-laning construction work going on between Udaipur and Pindwara on NH-76. We left Udaipur at 7:00AM and arrived at RTDC Shikar Hotel at Mt. Abu by 12:30PM. The scenery till Pindwara was pretty beautiful as it was thru hilly ghat sections, most of the way. The detours and diversions around the construction sites were well maintained and so we had no problem except for the extra time taken.  


Mt Abu was pretty cold ....  It was 0*C at night (as per TV news next day). Somehow I did'nt feel it was that cold maybe because I used 2 blankets in RTDC Sikar Hotel. 

Day-05 > 18th Dec 07 : Sightseeing day at Mt.Abu 

Today we visited Nakki Lake & some other typical Hill-station points in Mt. Abu. Later in the afternoon we went to the amazing Dilwara Jain tremple. I have'nt seen such intricate carvings & sculptures in stone and in marble anywhere in India before. This was intricte marble work was simply astounding! Photography was not allowed insdie the temple.

Day-06 > 19th Dec 07 : Mt.Abu to Jodhpur - 277 Kms 

We left Mt. Abu at 7:00AM and reached Jodhpur at 1:00PM. First on  NH14 (via Sirohi & Pali) and then NH65 (Pali to Jodhpur).  In Jodhpur checked into a new hotel - Sachdeva Residency - in a side-road near the Railway Station. Pretty decent newly furnished  DBL rooms for Rs 450/-

Day-07 > 20th Dec 07 : Sightseeing at Jodhpur 

We visited Mehrangarh Fort, for about two hrs in the morning and took lots of pictures there. Also visited another site Jaswant Thanda nearby ... a sort of marble memorial/cenotaph place. 

Two palace attendants & me at Jodhpur's Meharangarh Fort

The Darbar Room inside the Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, at Jodhpur

Another Mehrangarh Palace room

Mehrangarh Fort .... as seen from Jaswant Thada balcony

Beautiful marble carved Chatris ...  on Jaswant Thada terrace-roof   

Later that day we drove around the city's congested & chaotic roads a bit, to get a feel of Jodhpur.  Also tasted the famous Makhaniya Lassi and Mawa-Kachodi at "Agra Sweets" opposite the Sojati Gate. 

Next day we left Jodhpur and drove on to Jaisalmer and the Sam sand dunes