Dundlod - The 7th town in the Shekawati area that I was visiting on this tour
20-November-2012: From Mukundgarh Fort headed south to Dundlod, just 7 Kms away. There I saw the 
(1) famous Goenka Haveli and Museum 
(2) The Ram Mandir and 
(3) The Diwankhana of Dundlod Fort - all clustered together near the bazaar area of the town.

A door frame ceiling in Goenka Haveli 

Wall frescoes and doors in Goenka Haveli

Inner courtyard & displays in Goenka Museum

Upper floor room & balcony of Goenka Haveli

From the upper balcony of Goenka Haveli

An old Satyanarayan Temple in Dundlod

Shivgarh Fort in Dundlod

Dundlod Fort reception area

Entrance of Goenka Haveli and Museum

Elaborately decorated wooden frame door

Side wall and door leading to next room

Dundlod Fort entrance

Dundlod Fort entrance

Inside the Diwankhana of Dundlod Fort