Pabbar Valley - Chandranahan Lake Trek

Day-2 Trek from Janglikh Village to Dayera meadow 
Day-3 Trek from Dayera to Litham

Dayera - 11079 ft

N 31* 20.796' - E 78* 03.76'


View on way to Dayera


Janglikh Villagers

Arriving at Changchuu meadow

Prem Singh Negi and Sriram

Scenic greenery views ... from trail

View across valley at Dayera

Suzanne and Prakash ... resting at Dayera meadow


Horses of Dayera

Next day morning tea by the fire


View up the valley towards Litham 


A spherical bloom at Dayera


Many streams and rubble-slides to cross between Dayera & Litham

 Praksah, Suzanne, Sanghvi, Pankaj on way to Litham & Buran

Looking back towards Dayera

On the rubble of Chandranahan stream we had our pack lunch


Litham - 11640 ft

N 31* 21.757' - E 78* 06.315' 

On the other side of this stream was our Litham Camp site. We reached by 1:15PM but we had to wait for the porters to arrive with the tents. By  2:30 pm the tents were pitched and we could rest a bit. We had tea at 5:00PM and by about 5:30PM the rains strated. We were tent bound rest of the evening. We all got into one tent and exchanged various notes and stories on past treks. Praks told us about his aborted Everest climb, when he had crossed 8000M altitude but had to return due to bad weather. The rain continued the whole evening and that night.

16th Sept 2008: 7:30AM (Trek Day-2) We got up at 6:30am with bed tea supplied by Negi's cook and soon a hearty breakfast of egg-bhurji and toasts, which we had in the school balcony. By around 8:00 am we started the trek.

Beautiful meadows with wildflowers on way to Dayera

 Changchuu meadow (9866 ft) on way to Dayera

The trek was through some beautiful green meadows and forests and after about 5 hours trek we reached our campsite at Dayera at 1:00pm the porters fixed the 3 tents quickly and we relaxed in beautiful scenic meadow surrounded by many animals - sheep, goats, donkeys, dogs etc.    

1:10 PM - Dayera Meadow comes up ahead (behind me in pic)

 Pankaj Negi ..... our Local-Route-Guide from Janglikh at Dayera

 Our campsite with 3 tents set up and the kitchen started

17th Sept 2008: 6:30AM (Trek Day-3) We got up at 6:30am, it was a cold morning and we went to the kitchen fire and had our morning tea there. Later by 8:30am we ate hot aloo-parathas, with home-made pickles (by Maunish's mom in Mumbai).  We pack up and start the trek to Litham by 9:00AM  

We pass a huge herd of sheep on the Dayera meadow

Beautiful valley and the Buran Pass up there as we look towards  Litham

Chandranahan Falls from stream we crossed to enter Litham Meadow

Crossing the rocky and gushing Chandranahan stream not easy and required a lot of careful balancing skill over boulders