MP Tour 

Kanha National Park, 160kms south-east of Jabalpur covers 1945 sqkm of wooded grasslands and sal-forests. Its the setting of Kipling's Jungle Book. It had a poulation of about 140 Tigers, 87 Leopardes and plenty of Deer and Nilgai

9th December 2005: Left from Pachmarhi at 6:45AM and drove via Chhindwara to cut into NH-7 at  Seoni (about 208Kms) and decided to stop here for the day here.  So at 1:00opm checked into Hotel Anand at Rs 385/- per night.  Had Lunch and just relaxed.

10th December 2005: Left Seoni after breakfast at 8:15 am an dheaded East thru some bad road stretches. Reached Khatiya Gate at Kanha around12:30 pm. Took a roadside Hotel Chandan (Rs 200/-) very near the Kanha Park entry gate.  

After Lunch did a 2-Hr Gypsy Safari into the Park. Saw deer but no Tigers

Kanha - Spotted Deer

No animals at the river too


11th December 2005: Booked for another Jeep-Safari early morning at 6:00am and re-entered the Kanha Park. Two hours of searching did not reveal any tigers.

Finally all jeeps assembled at the Kanha-Gate waiting for elephant-borne spotters to locate Tigers.


Kanha gate where all jeeps waited

They Elephant guys finally located a sleeping tigeress deep inside forest and called by wireless, each jeep to a nearby trail and then took all Pax turn by turn on elephant-back close to see the sleeeping tigeress ! Like a conducted Tiger-viewing tour, for a price of course!


The little bit of brown tinge in this picture is the Tigeress!

Though I could see the tigeress with my naked eye, my camera could not capture a clear picture thru the thick forest foliage! It was  pretty thrilling to see a tigeress, just 10 feet away ....  albeit a sleeping one ... and from the safety of an elephant-back.


I was back in room by 11:00pm. Had a lunch, packed my bags and drove off from Kanha by 12:30 pm. A couple from Surat, Gujerat (Sandeep Shah & wife) joined me for a ride till Jabalpur. I dropped them at 3:45pm and continued further west to Bhedaghat (on Narmada river) to see the Marble Rocks there.

Kanha NP Grasslands - view from Gypsy Jeep Safari


Deer crossing the Jeep track in Kanha


Plent of Neelgai in Kanha forests

Boarding the elephant via step-ladder to approach sleeping Tiger

The elephant nears the Tiger.....  just 10 feet away