A backpacking tour to explore some remote areas and places in Eastern Kumaon, along the Kali River, that is the border between Uttarakhand, India and Nepal 

Day-1 (5-March-14): Share-taxi ride (1) Haldwani to Almora & then (2) to Pithoragarh

My share-Maxx route Haldwani > Almora > Pithoragarh

5th March 2014 - Haldwani to Pithoragarh

My train, Ranikhet Express was running 30 mins late in the morning and the noise of passengers getting off at Rudraprayag woke me up early. So for a change, I got off at Haldwani at 6:00AM (instead of the last halt at Kathgodam) to see if I can get direct Pithoragarh Share-maxx. 

Outside it was nice and cold, but when I saw the front-seat of a share-Alto going to Almora was free, I took that and a made quick departure from there (fare Rs 350). After a brief Chai-pakora stop at Kainchi we reached Almora in good time by 9:10AM 

To catch a share-maxx for 2nd leg to Pithoragarh, I had walk and climb down steeply through market streets to Dharnaula Taxi stand (9:30AM). But the early morning maxx's had already left; and so I had to wait for 2 hours(!) for the next maxx to fill-up. Didn't mind the wait though, as that gave me enough time to have a nice breakfast of garma-garam Aloo-Parantha with nice sabzi and chutneys. 

We left Dharnaula, finally, at 11:30AM and went through some scenic mountain route of Jageshwar ranges via Kapalikhan, Badechinna, Danya, Sidiakhet. After Timta we had great views of Ram-Ganga way down deep in the valley. See Route we took (in Blue) in above Map. 

Reached Pithoragarh at 3:30PM and my seat fare was Rs 350. I paid extra Rs 100 for the driver to drop me off at KMVN; which was a 1Km uphill from market on the Chandak Road. 
The KMVN was nicely located with view of parts of Pithoragarh town down in a valley seen through a pine forest from my balcony. The Chandak road passing just below the KMVN was also noise-less with not much traffic. 

Pine forest view from
KMVN Pithoragarh

The KMVN GH was very convenient, nicely located in a peaceful setting with good views. The room was Rs 900 per day. The food in the dining hall was excellent and the service staff very good. March was still off-season, so not much occupancy and so everything was perfect here. 

To see KMVN-Pithoragarh on Google Earth download Placemark (KMZ) from Files D/L Page

I stayed 3 nights here and decided to do a few day-trip treks from here. In the evening walked down to market-place (1KM down) just to see where the taxi stands were. Next day planned to go to Chandak and Chhera and maybe the trek to Ashurchula peak 

RamGanga river on way from Almora to Pithoragarh

Entry to KMVN Pithoragarh from Chandak Road

Front Entrance of 
KMVN Pithoragarh

Zoom view of Panchachuli snow peaks from my room balcony in KMVN at Pithoragarh

 View from road to market - below 
KMVN Pithoragarh