Rih-Dil Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

16th December 2011:
My taxi for Rih-Dil came to the Champhai GH  and we left at 8:15AM. We first went downhill from GH to the paddy fields in the plains and then after East Zotlang started climbing into the hills. The route was very scenic all the way.

Views on way to Zokhawthar, Burma Border

We passed several small settlements - Zotlang, Ruantlang, Melbuk, Mualkawi, Khawnuam etc. before sighting the border town of Zokhawthar by the river, in a valley below.

First sight of Zokhawthar in valley below

My taxi driver at the counter

At the border on both sides there was no check or ID of passengers required. The driver just got down to enter his vehicle details. Didn't expect such a simple border crossing process!

Pass a Burmese temple entry steps

On the Burma side of the border, we drove on for another 15 minutes or so before sighting the Rih_Dil lake. the Setting was beautiful and surrounded by Hills all around. Hardly any people; just a few Mizo visitors from across the border. 

Views of Rih-Dil Lake

Rih-Dil is a holy place for Mizos. They believe that the spirits of dead people visit this lake first before going to heaven. T
here was a small shop selling snacks and tea, beer etc. We stayed there for 20-30 
minutes and started back.

The Shop at Rih-Dil

Champhai from the paddy field plains

We were back in Champhai-GH by 12:30PM in time to have a lunch of Rice-Dal-Sabzi.  The total time for the Rih-Dil trip was just 4 hours. After lunch walked uphill about a 1 KM to taxi-stand to book myself a seat for 6:00AM Sumo to Aijawl tomorrow. Got the front-window #1 seat.

The road going down from Champhai GH

Views on way to Zokhawthar, Burma Border

At India Immigration Check counter at 9:50AM

The Myanmar end of the Bridge

Driving thru a few KMs into Burma

First sight of RihDil Lake ... at 10:10AM

Views of Rih-Dil Lake

The Border Bridge .... India (L) Burma (R)

An aerial Google Earth view of Rih-Dil ... looking North from an altitude of 1.95KM