Saurashtra Coastal Tour by Car 

Dwarka is at the extreme tip of Kathiawar penisula. It was to Dwarka that Krishna is said to have fled from Mathura. Dwarkanath Temple dedicated to Krishna is the main attraction here.

 **** Dwaraka ****

Krishna teaching Gita to Arjuna

Gita Slokas inscribed in marble at the Gita Mandap, Dwaraka

Gita Mandap on Dwarka Beach

Gayatri Shakthipeeth, Dwaraka

***  Swaminarayan temple  ***  

Above Sculputure panels from Swaminarayan Temple in Dwaraka


Steps leading upto Dwarakanath temple ... main temple of Dwaraka


Dwarakanath Temple

Waiting for the Ferry boat to fill-up with Pax, to go to Bet-Dwaraka

3rd September 2005: 6:45 am Checked out of Dwaraka Hotel and headed North to Bet-Dwaraka at the tip of peninsula. Reached at 7:30 am and waited for a boat to start for the island of Bet; but as enough pax load were not there, decided to drop out of that boat ride and started back south to go to Jamnagar. 

Left Porbandar at 10:30 am and continued north-west up the coastal road to Dwaraka. Arrived at 1:30 pm and checked into Hotel Gokul at Rs 250 for the non-AC room. In the evening did local sights in a autorickshaw.

Dwaraka .....  Sea coast and Lighthouse

**********  Pictures below from Swaminarayan Temple  ***********

Swaminrayan Temple Entrance, Dwaraka


 ***   All Pics above are from Swaminarayan Temple Dwaraka ***