Exploring Kugti & Holi Valleys near Bharmour, HP ... and a trek to Kugti Village and  to Karthik Swamy Temple, along the Manimahesh Parikrama Circuit.

1. Reaching Bharmour from Pathankot via Chamba and Khadamukh

Khadamukh Junction - View looking back after crossing bridge to Bharmour side. T
he road going left (across the Ravi river) is to Holi and to the right past the village homes is from Chamba.

The bus to Bharmour left on time at 8:45AM and went via Banikhet and Chamba and took 9 hours to do the 170 Kms in slow crawl. Stopped for B/fast and lunch. The mountain scenery was good, especially after Chamba, as we passed through some steep and narrow mountain roads. 

At Khadamukh (the junction where the roads diverge to Bharmour and Holi valleys) was awesome and raw with steep rising mountains all around in 360 degrees. 

At Khadamukh the road to Bharmour is climbing to that steep Gorge ahead on other side of river

We reached Bharmour (2190M) at 6pm and found a Hotel Chaurasi near the bus-stand with a spacious DBL room with geyser and TV for just Rs 400/- per night. The food in teh hotels restaurant downstairs was also ok. 

Later in the evening we walked up the street to visit the 'Chaurasi' complex of temples; where there are 84 temples, around a village square area, along with several children schools.   

Next day school Kids assembled for prayer

Chaurasi School Assembly


 View from our Bharmour Hotel Room 

Bharmour valley view
Another view of Bharmour town

Lashana Devi Temple, Chaurasi, Bharmour