A 7-day Trek to Milam Glacier from Chillamdhar-
in Uttarakhand. 
[via the new High-level route, created after 2013 floods] 

Nanda Devi Massif .. inner-core circle formed by ND-Main (C), ND-East (L) and Latha-Dhura (R)

Day-5 Part-1 [24-Oct 2016] GREF-Tipper back to Rilkot ... stop at Nanda-Devi View-Point 

Next day we were packed, ready and waiting (as informed by Bhuvan) by 6:30AM for the Tipper ride back to Rilkot. But the ride came only at 8:30AM, as it took them a while to load some Bridge components (Center-Plates?) on to the truck. 

We reached the ND view point near Pachuu village, in bright sunshine and saw a glowing shiny view of ND massif. Our Driver (Anil Khairnar, a Maharashtrian from Nasik)  stopped the truck for 2 mins at the exact right spot and allowed us to hop off to get some great shots with our camera. 

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 From Road > ND-Main (C) ND-East (L) Lata-Dhura (R)

All pictures on this page are taken from same spot, as the picture above in normal mode i.e. from the Road above Pacchuu. All Others Pics are with Zoom+IS on my Panasonic Lumix ZS-40 ... Amazing Zoom & Image Stabilization! Don't you think??   

ND-Main (C) ND-East (L) Lata-Dhura (R)