Namdapha NP, Brahmaputra, Pasighat, Alang, Itanagar ... all in Arunachal Pradesh 

First a trek in the 1850-Sq.Km. National Park (under Project Tiger) in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh, bordering Myanmar (Burma).  And then a ferry across the mighty Bramhaputra River from Dibrugarh (Assam) to Pasighat (Arunachal) and then by a share-jeep to tribal areas in Alang and on to Arunachal Pradesh capital - Itanagar

Namdapha NP

29th January 2006 - To reach  Namdapha is not easy. It is in the  remote eastern part of India bordering Myanmar. From Kaziranga Park, I travelled by local buses to Tinsukia (changing buses  at Jorhat and Dibrugarh) a total of 8 hours ride and stayed the night in Tinsukia. I lost another day to get the Inner Line Permit to enter Arunachal;  I had to go back to Mohanbari near Dibrugarh Airport for that.  

On 31st January got up early to catch the 5:30AM Bus to Miao in Arunachal. It was a crowded bus but I managed a window seat and survived the rickety ride to arrive at the village of Miao at 11AM. Had to took a full 4WD-Jeep costing Rs 900/- to go to the Deban Forest Rest House, as there was no one else to share the ride. After a 2-hr rough and tumble ride through forests and river beds arrived at Deban Tourist Resort. It was nice place by the river inside a thick rain forest like setting, with neat well laid out Bunglow huts of many categories. I stayed in the "Blue Jay" Hut.

The Blue-Jay Hut where I stayed in Deban (picby: Ronak)

Deban River near FRH

 At Hornbill Point ...we had tea here. 

Crossing back the river bed .... to get back to Deban FRH .... seen amoungst the trees on the bank


Brahmaputra Ferry Crossing

At 7:30AM. on 3rd February 2006. I caught a share-jeep from Marwari-Patti jeep stand in Dibrugarh for  a one hour ride along the banks of the river Brahmaputra to the Oakland Jetty to board a motor -boat Ferry. (Picture above). This slow 10-hour ferry ride up stream on the Brahmaputra River the worlds largest braided river was peachful & sceneic ride. The river, famous for its torrential flow and flooding during the monsoons, was flowing calmly in February. The boat ride was pleasant one, with only the sounds of engine sputtering and the rivers mild waves splashing against the side of the boat. The ferry was full, with over 100 local passengers and a variety of goods being transported by shopkeepers of Pasighat.       


All the pictures I took of the river are missing! I could only find this one of the sun setting on the Brahmaputra River at 4:30PM as we neared the Oriyamghat ferry landing in Arunachal Pradesh.  Though we docked at 5:00PM it took another  for the waiting bus to get loaded with all the goods from the boat and so it was 7:00PM and dark by the time we reached Pasighat. I checked into the popular and decent Hotel Oman in Pasighat. 


Next Day, 4th February 2006, was Saraswsti Puja. I watched the town folks visiting the Saraswati Pandal set up in the middle of the  Pasighat grounds,  from my Hotel balcony.

I left Pasighat on 5th February by a Jeep that took me to Along, a tribal Village in interior Arunchal. After a  5- hour ride, through very scenic forests and mountains we arrived at Along at 11:30 AM. I checked in to the Govt. Inspection Bunglow (IB) there.

After a day's stay in Alang,  the next day 6th Feb 2006 I took another share jeep to Itanagar the capital of Arunchal. The jeep left Alang at 6:30AM and arrived at Itanagar at 4:30PM. I checked into the Samskara Continenetal GH near Akash Deep Shopping in the Bazar Area. The view of the shuttered shopping complex in early morning from my Hotel room window, in the picture below.

All the other pictures taken at Pasighat, Alang, Itanagar are missing. I will add them later, IF  I find them.


Crossing the Deban River by boat to enter the Namdapha National Park

On 1st February 2006 7:00 AM went into the Namdapha Forest on a trek with guide Ang. We crossed the Deban river first in a boat (pic above) , before entering the trail going through thick rain forest. We first went 3 Kms upto Haldibari (a Log Hut) and then a further 6kms till Hornbill Point.  We returned back by the same route to Deban GH by 2:00PM.

Ang my guide cum birdwatch expert ...on the forest trail.

Haldibari Camp ......  where we had our pack lunch of Puri-Alu on the return trek from Hornbill point.


Pasighat, Alang, Itanagar

This section is Incomplete .... and Pics are lost?