A 1323KM Car drive to North Karnataka - to see Bijapur, Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole  

My Route to N.Karnataka > Going via Pandharpur > Return via Kolhapur

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Looks like one !!  ...  but Golgumbaz is behind and the Museum building is in front ....  at Bijapur

Nataraja Cave (Cave-1) at Badami

Chalukyan Temple at Pattadakal 

Durga Temple at Aihole

Highlights of the 5-Day Tour to N. Karnataka 

I have been planning to do Bijapur, Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole for more than a year now. And it happened suddenly last week (Mar 15-19, 2010)! A friend of mine (in Pune) said he would join me on this driving tour; but dropped out last minute, due to some family situation, while I was already half-way to Pune on the Expressway. I decided to continue and didn't turn back.

It turned out to be a solo-driving tour, that was enjoyable despite the rising summer heat. The AC in my Indica car worked well and the Highways were pretty nice;  so I ended up enjoying the drive and the places I visited. As planned, I went via Pandharpur (Vitthala Temple) and the return drive via Kolhapur (Mahalakshmi Temple). 

The map above shows the exact route that I took.  Summary itinerary with driving times (including rest stops) and distances is below:

Day-1 : 15th March 2010 : Drive = 315 KMs
Dep 6:40AM Thane - Arr 2:40PM  Hotel Sumit (N/H) at Temburni on the NH9 - just a few KMs before right turn to Pandharpur on SH141

Day-2 : 16th March 2010 : Drive = 173 KMs
Dep 7:10AM Temburni - via 8:30AM Pandharpur (45Min Halt) 
Arr 11: :40AM Hotel Navratna Int'l (N/H) at Bijapur on the NH13 

Day-3 : 17th March 2010 : Drive = 155 KMs
Dep 7:45AM Bijapur Arr 11: :45AM Hotel Mookambika at Badami  

Day-4 : 18th March 2010 : Drive = 296 KMs
Dep  6:20AM Bijapur Arr  6:50AM Pattadakal (21KM)
Dep  7:50AM Pattadakal Arr 8:10AM Aihole (14KM) 
Dep  8:50AM Aihole via Bagalkot  (b/fast) and Yaragatti (11:45AM) Arr 2:45PM at Kolhapur Hotel Athithi (261KM)
Day-5 : 19th March 2010 : Drive = 384 KMs
Dep 6:00AM Kolhapur via NH4 & Pune-Expway Arr 1: :40PM Thane   

Total Distance Driven = 1323 KMs

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