My Favorite Pictures of Gardens

The pictures on this page are displayed in "large size" ....  and some may extend beyond the right-hand margin. This has been done intentionally to show the scenic panorama. So it may take few seconds to download. Please use scroll bars to see full picture, if necessary.

I have visited many beautiful gardens in India, including the famous Mughal Gardens (Shalimar, Nishat) in Srinagar, J&K; Sim's Park and Botanical Gardens in Ooty, TN; Brindavan Gardens near Mysore; But none of them are as exotic and awesome as The Butchart Gardens near Victoria, BC, Canada. So all my favorite pictures are from Butchart Gardens.   











If you have had the patience to wait for the above pictures to download and enjoyed seeing them ... you can see a lot more of my Butchart pictures on my Flickr Set: Butchart Gardens

To read the story behind Butchart Gardens visit their website: Butchart Website