Norbulingka Institute is an educational complex, set up to teach and preserve Tibetan arts of woodcarving, statue making, thangka painting, embroidery, doll-making etc. It is set in an peacful Japenese-style garden setting with shady paths, streams, wooden bridges and waterfalls.

I visited Dharamasala again on 16th June 2005  and visited the Tibetan Nobulingka Institute. Amazing place in beautiful setting of gardens and fountains. The Tibetan Dolls Museum here really  wonderful with handcrafted colorful dolls depicting life and culture in Tibet. 

The Doll Museum at Norbulingka Institute

See all pictures of Norbulinga at Flickr: Norbulingka-Set 

Me at Norbulingka in front of Kalchakra painting

Caught a monk in playful mood

Tibetan handicrafts - Household cabinets 

The wonderful garden at Norbulingka