Kumaon Garhwal Trek (KG-Trek) 

Trek Diary for Day > 6  Maatoli - Himni

Day-6 > Maatoli - Himni


Morning views from Maatoli

Maatoli views


9:35AM at Maatoli Pass 3364M - Debu, Ramesh and me 

Stone Cairn on Maatoli Saddle

Another view of Ali Bugyal ahead

And then thru the trees Trishul at a strange and new angle!

Trishul from the Bugyal where we stopped for Khichdi Lunch



Finally at 5:00PM we reach the main square of Himni with this Dealer's huge nice home 

Golden sunset on Trishul as seen from Himni Village at 5:15PM

Morning was clear at Maatoli and we could see snow peaks 

Day-6 Dec-25 : Maatoli - Top (3300M) - Himni Vill 2385M 14Km

Next day was bright, sunny and cold. I got clear views to east with rolling hills. The distant snow peaks of Panchachuli and even some in Nepal were visible. The Trishul to was just to north and near. Some pictures taken here:

Rolling Hills of Kumaon (looking East) from Maatoli-Pass

After breakfast and tea and in freezing cold weather we left our Hut and climbed the remaining 360M to top of the Maatoli pass. The last 100M of zig-zag climb was well laid stone-way seen so clearly on Google Earth too. After reaching the top at 9:35am we took several pictures. And started the descent on other side; but soon found we had to climb several other Tops at 3300+M before steep descent started thru snowfields. The descent on this side was through steep weather-worn gullies.  

The trails continues on other side to another 'double-top' and then there are more tops yet to come!

After steep descents for 2 hours at noon we made a turn to the right in a ridge and suddenly in front of us was Ali Bugyal!  straight ahead .... Trishul around the right corner, yet to come!!   

The Full range of Trishul and Mrigthuni ... but not Nanda-Ghunti

After crossing we had to walk a long way still. At 2pm we came out of a dense forest into a bugyal with a frontal view of Trishul range and here we stopped for lunch. Hot Khichdi was made over a wood-fire and we had our fill of that watching clouds floating over Trishul:

Trishul as seen from our lunch spot 

Still Himni was far away. We had to walk several Kms more through thick forests of rhododendrons till we came to a clearing of Huts and sloping down terraced fields. We had to walk another 2 kms to the edge of the sloping fields to reach Himni village finally at 5pm. A long and tiring days walk. debu said our walk was 14kms today. But i suspect it was much more and closer to 18Kms perhaps. at Himni we got a room in a Dealers GH and had tea watching golden sunset on Trishul. 

It was very cold in Himni at 8*C in the evening. At night it must have touched nearly 1-2 *C outside. We had dinner and slept off early after a long tiring day.

Another sunset view of Trishul ... over Himni Home roofs