Kumaon Hi-Altitude Villages Trek (K-Trek) 

10-day, 100+ KM trek to some high-altitude Villages of Eastern Kumaon. Route: Loharkhet - Dhakuri - Khati - Mikila - Kimu - Namik - Thal~Kharik - Chupoo~Pass and finally the trail ending on the road to Munsiary (32KM), between Bala & Birthi Falls

We started our final trek down to Bala-Birthi at 10am - this view of snow-peaks from trail at 10:30AM

Many bugyal meadows on way down

KS at a meadow rest stop


Bala on the opposite valley seen from  KMVN Birthi  

We had chai at this Bala tea shop (1850M) where the trail ended

Birthi Falls - as seen from the balcony of every room in KMVN


Panchuli - from Berinag

Trishul from Almora

22nd Dec 2008 Day-10 (Contd) Thal~Kharik to Bala/Birthi

We packed up and left 10AM for the last day's trek to Birthi Falls. It was the longest day for us. Apart from 6Kms to&fro Chupoo we did another 18 Kms to Birthi, a total of 24 Kms for the day. The way down to Bala is a well laid stone-path trail, through some beautiful breathtaking forests and meadows. The weather ideal for trekking - a cool 15*C and balmy sunshine thoroughout the entire trek down to Bala.

Passing through a beautiful forest at Noon with sun and shadow plays

Passed a nice waterfall by the side of trail at 2:30PM 

We reached end of trail on the motor road to Munsiary, between Bala & Birthi at 3:45PM. It was the longest ever trekking day for me. Today we had done Dist=24KM UP=350M UP, DN=1700M 

And finally we hit the motor road at Bala at 3-50PM here - where the lady porters are emerging from the trail

After tea from a roadside chai shop, we went the remaining 2Kms to Birthi Falls and checked into a pretty new and neat KMVN-GH for a night's rest. Debu and Balwant stayed there too and left early next morning at 6AM to head back the same way via trails to Namik and Mikila.   

The KMVN at Birthi Falls - 1st Floor balcony and the rooms we stayed in to rest for 1 night - after a long day of trekking 


Next day (23rd Dec 08) after breakfast, I dropped the idea of going to Munsiary and took a share-jeep to Thal and continued on to Almora KMVN, for night stay. At the Railway counter attached to KMVN was lucky to get a sleeper berth for same night. And so on 24th Dec a share-Alto to Kathgodam to catch the Ranikhet Exp to Delhi.

Himalayan Views from the road at Berinag

Trishul from Almora KMVN lawn - Yes!  It did look like an "OM" to me now, with a closer look, as a nearby Bengali tourist said to me!! 


PS: In March 2009, I received an email (see feedback section) from a young man named Arnab Choudhuri,  saying he was in the Almora KMVN lawn, standing beside me and taking pictures of the 'Om' of Trishul. It was his father who had shown us the Om and asked us to take a 'zoomed' photo of that! From Almora, Arnab and family had moved on to see Chaukhori and Munsiary. He sent me a stunning picture (below), taken by his father, Shri A. K. Chauduri, of Nanda Devi Temple, at Munsiary, with towering prescence of the Five Panchachulis!

Nanda Devi Temple Munsiary

 by A. K. Chaudhuri on 25th Dec 2008 

**** End of Kumaon Villages Trek ****