Saurashtra Coastal Tour by Car 

Lothal is an important archeological exacavation site, 85Km southwest of Ahemdabad. The excavated ancient city of 4500 years ago, seem related to the Indus Valley civilization cities of Mohenjodaro & Harappa. Lothal means "mound of death" in Gujarati.

Lothal (Mound of the Dead)

Lothal walls excavated

Acropolis of old city

Lothal's Archeolgical Museum ... near the site of the exacavations

After seeing Lothal site and the adjoining Museum, I left at 1:30pm for Bhavanagar, reaching by 4 pm. Took a room in Jubilee Hotel Rs 400


There were families of huge storks nestling in the trees (of Jubilee park) bang opposite my hotel room window


Bhavnagar Storks

Lothal discovered in 1954, is the site of an ancient city that stood there 4500 years ago and that has all the markings of a being similar to Indus Valley cities like Mohanjodaro and Harappa; with neatly laid patterns of streets, brick-works, tidal dockyards and scientific drainage systems. It is thought that Sabaramati river (which no longer runs here) connected the dock from here to the Gulf of Cambay.  

Archeological sign-post at Lothal excavation site .... 

Click to enlage and read the signpost!

The Dock of the ancient city 
Lower Town part of walled city


Storks nestling in the park opposite my Bhavnagar Hotel Jubilee