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Mandu: A 10th Century Fort in Ruins containing Afgan Architecture Palaces built by Dilawar Khan (1401 AD) ...  located in an isolated hill-top tableland, surrounded by deep valleys, near Indore.

4th Dec 2005 - I started from Dhule 7:30AM and drove straight up NH3 diverting at Gujri, towards Mandu arriving at 1:00PM. the last 7-8Km of the road climbing up the steep hill to Mandu, was just a boulder strewn katcha road. Somehow my Indica  managed to climb the steep hill strewn with broken stones. 

Asrafi Mahal at Mandu

Asrafi Mahal

Jama Masjid, Mandu

Jahaz Mahal's lake & gardens

Hindola Mahal

Champa Baoli

 Champa Baoli

Taveli Mahal - ASI's Antique Gallery

 Roopmati Pavilion Terrace

The Plaque in Rupmati Pavilion

Jama Masjid (1454AD) at Mandu

Mandu, a ghost town on a hilltop, was founded as a fortress in 10th Cent by Raja Bhoj and was later conquered by muslim rulers from Delhi in 1304. Dilawar Khan, Governor of Malwa, set up Mandu as his own little kingdom and from then on Mandu's splendour grew up. In 1526 Bahadur Shah of Gujerat captured Mandu and then followed several change in Rulers up until 1561 when Akbar captured it and added it toMughal empire.  Today it is deserted town with palaces, temples and fortresses of byegone era spread over a hilltop area of several Sq. Kms.

I stayed at the Hotel Rupmati, that has a huge green lawn overlooking a beautiful view of the valley below. The pretty decent double-room cost me Rs 550/- for a night. I drove around the town all afternoon and visited all the major ruins of palaces and monuments. Some pictures of those ruins are shown below. But if you want to see all of my Mandu pictures as a slideshow click here:  Mandu

Jahaz Mahal - the Ship Palace built by Ghiyas-uddin, son of Mohammad Shah .....  for his Harem of over 15000 maidens!

Bathing Pool ... for the maidens of the Harem! ... at Jahaz Mahal

Hindola Mahal ... "Swing" palace with inward slopes on walls .... to create the impression of swaying walls

Inside view of Hindola Mahal

 Champa Baoli... Step wells and cool baths

 Champa Baoli - terrace level

Roopmati's Pavilion

The story goes that this Pavilion was built at the very edge of the fort, overlooking the plains by Baz Bahadur, for his beautiful lover and Hindu singer Rupmati. From its terraces & domed pavilions Rupmati would gaze down into the holy Narmada river. This fairy tale romance had an unhappy ending, when Akbar partly due to hearing about Rupmati's beauty attacked Mandu. Baz Bahadur fled leaving Roopmati to poison herself. 

Sunset view from Roopmati Pavilion looking down into the valley. I was the lone visitor here this evening; and  my car is the only one parked, way down there!

After watching the sun set from Roopmati Pavilion ramparts, drove back to my hotel in town and had a dinner at their Veg restauarant. 

I have done 221 Kms today from Dhule to Mandu and another 20kms of local driving - Day Total 241 Kms 

Planned to leave for Ujjain via Indore tomorrow.

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