Pabbar Valley - Chandranahan Lake Trek

Day-4 Trek to Chandranahan lake and back
Day-5 Evacuation from Litham to Janglikh

Chandranahan lakes - 13200ft

At an intermediate meadow - where the waterfall starts - Pankaj Negis shows nice smelling herbal shrubs

At Noon we reach the first of a series of shallow lakes


Maunish & Suzanne going past the  2nd Chandrahasan Lake

3rd Lake - Sriram,  Nitya and KS

Bramha Kamal found by Pankaj Negi at teh 3rd Lake area


Janglikh - Negi Home Stay

Aarti & Prachi the two kids did a dance performance for us in the  Negi bedroom at Janglikh  

18th Sept 2008: 6:30AM Trek Day-4 To Chandranahan Lakes  As per our schedule this  was planned as a rest day with only a day trip to Chandranahan Lake. But the trek to Chandranahan turned out to be pretty steep climb and tiring. Besides it was constantly drizzling and so we had to go in our Ponchos which made it more uncomfortable trek. We set out at 9:30AM after breakfast and returned to camp at 4:00PM.

 Climb up to Chandranahan - you might be able to  see our tents way below

 Arriving (1-30PM) at the Third and final lake of Chandranahan lake

We started back down in drizzling rain at around 1:30PM and reached camp back at 4:00PM. By that time we were completely drenched. And so after a change of clothes and early dinner went to sleep. It rained all night heavily.

19th Sept 2008: 6:30AM Trek Day-5 Evacuation Retreat

Next day morning we were woken up early by Negi, saying we need to pack up fast and retreat to a cave on other side of the stream to avoid being caught here and cut off by torrential Chandranahan stream. crossing the Buran Pass now looked difficult as it was fully covered and shrouded by plenty of fresh snowfall overnight. 

The tents were abandoned (for later retrieval) and we started back at 8:00AM and crossed the Chandranahan stream which was lot more torrential now. We headed back towards Simbar. The cave apparently was flooded and so we decided to head back all the way past Dayera to some log huts in Changchu. The trek was awful and throughout in drizzling rain. At the cramped Changchu hut we had some tea and set off again for Janglikh. Reached Janglikh at 2:30PM and got 3 rooms in Pankaj Negi' house for our stay. We had a fire going for warmth in their kitchen. The Ladies of Negi family were ever-smiling and took good care of us with food and tea.  

20th Sept 2008: Day-6 - Rest day at Janglikh

We just killed time today. Relaxing from the strenuous 24KM trek of yesterday from Litham to Janglikh. Through out today the rain was off and on. We were entertained by the Janglikh kids running into our rooms and putting up a song and dance performance. 

Day-6 is continued with more pictures of 3 generations of beautiful and ever smiling ladies of the Negi family. See that in next page.