A repeat of the awesome "classic" Trek from Jiri to Namche Bazar, Nepal, in 10-days. The ultimate target was Gokyo-Lakes ... that eluded me! ... again!!

16th April 2014 > Jiri to Shivalaya Trek   ..... 


Google Earth Image of our Trek Route .... from Jiri to Namche and beyond to EBC. 
More Images in the footer of this page (below); showing the huge ups and downs of the route

16th April 2014, Day-2: Jiri to Shivalaya Trek 

were up quite early in our Jiri GH and had a nice breakfast of buttered Toasts, Omelette and black coffee. Packed and ready by 7:30AM and so we set 
down Jiri's main street and walked past the Bust stand and on to the new Katcha bus road going to Shivalaya. After a short distance went off-road and turned left on to a climbing trail.

Day-wise details of the trip are in sub-pages: 

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