Sandakphu - Return Trek from Molley to Rimbik

Quoting Lonely Planet Guide: A spectacular trek along the Singalila Ridge travelling through Indian & Nepalese villages and alpine meadows with magnificient views of Kanchenjunga. The crest of the Singalila Ridge marks the border between India & Nepal

 Kanchenjunga from Molley

Above: Pics of Kanchenjunga

Paladhar - Molley Caretaker

Bhanbu, all set for 5th day trek

Red rhodendrons on way to Ramam  

Ramam GH where we stayed





Nursery spread at Ramam GH

Kids of Ramam pose with Bhanbu

 View of Srikhola comin up ahead

Srikhola Trekkers Hut - tea stop!

Bridge crossing the Srikhola

 Lemon tree ... in a home garden

Darjeeling Skyline Views below

7thApril 2008: 5th Day trek - Early next morning before sunrise went up to the ridge above Molley and too some pictures of Kanchenjunga. the weather was a bit clear and so could get some views of the entire range. But could not see the peaks of Nepal (like Everest, Lhotse etc) that Bhanbu said can bee seen on clear sunny days.    

 Entire Khanchenjunga Range .... as seen from ridge above Molley

 Chotu the kid (nephew) assistant of Molley Trekkers caretaker to left 

At 7:00AM, after breakfast at the Trekker's Hut, we were ready to  start the 5th day trek. We debated if we should go on to Phalut or go directly down to Ramam. Bhanbu and Paladhar felt there was no extra value-add in terms of Kanchenjunga Views (from Phalut); as I have already seen pretty clear views of K, from here in Molley; so we decided to head for Ramam. The trail to Ramam was downhill and thru some thick and pretty lush green forests; with plenty of red and white rhodendrons on the way. Being downhill we even took a few shortcut trails that local villagers use here. And thus reached Ramam in good time by 10:45AM. 

White Rhodendrons ...... on the forest trail from Molley to Ramam

View from Ramam .... mountains across the valley are in Sikkim

Ramam Homestay GH Owner and his "ever" smiling wife, who cooks all the meals for guests staying there

7thApril 2008: 5th Day trek - Early next morning at 7 AM left Ramam and started trek to Rimbik via Srikhola ... it was down hill most of the way and pretty scenic too.

      A pretty Srikhola GH ... we had chai here!

On the trail from Srikhola to Rimbik we passed several village Homes, with some pretty flowers decorating their frontage (pics below and left).


Some 4-5 kms out of Srikhola we got a local share jeep to take us teh last 4 Kms to Rimbik. So we arrived at Rimbik well ahead of time (at 10AM) an dfound teh nmain street crowded and full of roadside hawkers; as it was Tuesday and the local "market" day!  

We got the Noon share-jeep to Darjeeling, that left half-hour late. Dropped Bhanbu at Maneybhanjang and settled his account and with an extra Bonus Tip (for his excellent service and special care during the trek) and I finally reached Darjeeling, by 6 PM and checked in Aliment Hotel again.

Some Darjeeling Skyline pictures from Hotel Aliment Roof terrace are below and on left margin.  

  Darjeeling Town View from Hotel roof terrace