Kumaon Garhwal Trek (KG-Trek) 

A 100+ KM trek from Loharkhet to Lohajung . . . along local Villagers' Trail
s. Trekking the non-tourist trails that Villagers use to travel between Kumaon and Garhwal villages - to attend family functions, visit temples, melas (fairs) & mandis (markets). These trails rise and fall over ridges & valleys and cross rivers & meadows that are just below Himalayan snow-peaks of Nanda Devi Outer Sanctuary.

Highlight pictures from this Tour:
Himalayas: Trishul (L), Maiktoli (C), Nanda-Devi (R)

Day-2 Trishul's SW face - view from Ganguni Village

A Ganguni village kid smiles for my camera 




Vaidyakot Devi Temple is pretty big on a hill-top

The owner lady of our Vaidyakot home-stay

Our Vaidyakot Homestay - it has Dish-TV!

View of Trishul SW-face from Balraa Village

Our nice Balraa Panchayat GH and village visitors

The Shepherd's Hut at Maatoli Bugyal (3000M) -
we stayed one night here, as it started snowing

Trishul range from Maatoli Bugyal hut
Our Himni Village Guest House
Sunset glows red on Trishul, from Himni

The Pinau Teashop-cum-GH where we stayed 2 nights

Overview of the entire KG Trek: 

A window of opportunity opened in mid-Dec-2009, when I got 2-3 weeks free time; and I landed up in KMVN-Bageshwar on 19th Dec. There, I met my trek-guide Debu and with his inputs, we chalked out this unique trek from Kumaon to Garhwal visiting many villages on the way. The route  was from Loharkhet to Lohajung. Debu said he has often walked these Villagers' Trails  and knew his way around these non-tourist routes. He said we don't need a tent and can homestay all nights. However he said he will carry rations and kerosene-stove so we can cook our own food everywhere. 

Our Karmi homestay family in front of their home

We trekked from Loharkhet (in Kumaon) to Lohajung (in Garhwal) ... using the non-tourist trails that Villagers use to travel in this region (mostly to attend family events, temple festivals,  melas and mandis in the Garhwal-Kumaon areas. These trails are pretty good and well-maintained and lie in the 2000M to 3500M altitude range; just about 20-30 Kms away (as the crow flies) from the snow-line peaks of Trishul, Mrigthuni, Maikatoli, Nanda-Devi, Panwali Dwar, Nanda-Kot etc. 

View of Himalayan peaks on way to Ganguni Village

Day to Day Itinerary:

1. Dec-20 Bageshwar to Karmi (2000M) via Loharkhet 

(by jeep) 35Kms

2. Dec-21 Karmi - Karmi Top (2500M) - Ganguni (2100M) 10Kms

3. Dec-22 Ganguni - Pinder R. 1844M - Patak - Vaidyakot 2070M 12Kms

4. Dec-23 Vaidyakot - Duni-Vinayak Top 2733M - Sambhu R. (2069M) -  Balraa Vill 2370M  14km

5. Dec-24 Balraa - Maatoli-Kaharik 3070M 15km

6. Dec-25 M-Kharik - Maatoli-Top (3300M) - Himni Vill 2385M 14Km 

7. Dec-26 Himni (in Garhwal) -  Pinau 2145M 12Km

8. Dec-27 Rest Day at Pinau 2145M

9. Dec-28 Pinau - Lohajung (on Wan route) 13Kms  - end of trek

Google-Image of our Trek Route in Yellow-Line above

To see the Full Trek Route on Google Earth download my KMZ file from my "Files D/L" Page Here. The KMZ File is named there as:

Kumaon-Garhwal (KG) Trek Waypoints and Trek Path - Tour #36

Trek KM distances above are approximate. It was mostly a tea-house trek and we home-stayed at all the Villages. Weather throughout was clear and sunny. No snow anywhere, except the day we were headed for Maatoli-top when light snow started at 3000M altitude. We decided not to cross pass in the snow-fall and stayed the night in a Shepherd's Hut. Temp through out was in range of 6*C to 12*C range; except the night we stayed in a Shepherd's' Hut at 3000M, when Inside temp was 2*C and outside -1*C. The night we stayed in the Shepherd's Hut was Christmas Eve, 24th-Dec, and we had a huge fire burning there all night to keep us warm. 

My support guys at Maatoli Pass: Debu (L) Guide, Ramesh (M) Porter  and Anand (R) Porter ... & all of them cook! 

We were thinking, depending on weather and tiredness, we may continue on a 2nd leg from Lohajung via Wan to Kuari pass. But the 9-day trek to Lohajung, was quite strenuous and tiring and the weather was getting pretty cold .... so I decided to end the trek at Lohagunj.


The Lohajung GMVN GH - where our Trek ended

And so returned home by 1st Jan 2010, via Karnaprayag, Rishkesh and Delhi.

In these pages, I have used only some pictures that I clicked. To see all pictures of this trek, click on the Flickr links below. Best to see them in trek-sequence by clicking option "slideshow" and put "show info" button ON to see title descriptions.

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In the Day-wise Trek Diaries links below you will find detailed accounts of the daily treks. 


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