Kumaon Garhwal Trek (KG-Trek) 

Trek Diary for Day>8 Pinau - Rest Day

*****  Pinau Rest Day ******

Inside the Pinau-GH with 4 beds

Pinau Tea-shop had a squat toilet and a water tap constantly pouring out icy chilled water!

Day-8 Dec-27 : Rest Day at Pinau 2145M

Doing nothing! ...  just relaxing in bed all day and having regular meals cooked up by Debu and gang. Only one picture taken today; the one "inside the Pinau-GH". It was cold in that GH at night with 4-5*C. The sleeping bag and extra blanket was required. The afternoon sun was warm and nice to bask-in, in the front yard. A crowd of villagers, watched from a distance with unconcealed amusement, as I struggled to shave my 7-day old beard with a mirror in my hand and mug of hot water. 

The green valley views across the GH courtyard was awesome. I could see more than 8-9 Kms of our tomorrow's trail slowly crawling up the opposite-side ridges and the many folds of the mountains. I made a mental note to look back and take a picture of our Pinau GH-courtyard (where I now sat) from that very last ridge-turn, before Pinau disappears from sight forever!

I remembered to click Pinau GH next day from that last turn and have marked it to show the courtyard  (Click to see larger image).

In the afternoon, I was telling Debu that I am quite tired now and we need to drop the 2nd leg of Wan to Kuari Pass and Tapovan via Sutol, Ramni etc. He was crest-fallen; he said "lets do it this time Sirji" ....  the weather is so good and we will never get such clear views as now in December from there. In the end, I said maybe we can do the jeep-journey from Loharjung to Joshimath and Tapovan and then do a quick 3-4 day trek to Kuari Pass and back? But that new plan was before the tough long 13-Km (only?) trek to Lohajung. By the time we reached Lohajung I was sure that it was the end of this trek. Debu was hugely disappointed. His 15-day income was reduced to  10days! But I suspect his two young porters were secretly happy! They too were tired; perhaps of walking slowly with an old man  . . . and now happy to go back home sooner to their young wives in Khati & Wachham?