Saurashtra Coastal Tour by Car 

Jamnagar an old city built around the Ranmal lake, is a vivid and colorful place. Bandhini, colorful bangles, crowded bazaars and temples are main feature of this city.

*****   Jamnagar   *****

Ranmal Lake, Jamnagar

Bala Hanuman Temple Entry

Bala Hanuman Temple; where Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram has been continuously chanted, for 24 hours a day, ever since 1st August 1964; creating a record in the Guinness Book of Records

Lakhota Palace ... on Ranmal Lake

3rd September 2005: 6:45 am Checked out of Dwaraka Hotel and headed North to Bet-Dwaraka at the tip of peninsula. Reached at 7:30 am and waited for a boat to start for the island of Bet; but as enough pax load were not there, decided to drop out of that boat ride and started back south to go to Jamnagar. 

Some 20kms before Jamanagar passed RIL Refineries. Reached Jamnagar at 1:00pm and checked into Hotel Trimurthi at Rs 400 for AC room.  Went out and had lunch and in the evening did a local sights: Lakahota Place on Ranmal Lake and Bala Hanuman Temple on south-east side of lake. Huge colorfully-dressed crowds thronged Jamanagar's streets by the lakeside, in a festive atmosphere!

Festive crowd outside Bala Hanuman Temple 

Lakhota Palace in the center of Ranmal Lake in Jamnagar

4th September 2005: 8th Day >> Jamnagar - Rajkot - Tarapur -Vadodara (Return Run to Mumbai started)

Left Jamnagar at 6:15 am and drove continuously past Rajkot (8:00 am), Tarapur (lunch 12:15pm) and arrived at Vadodara at 2:30pm. Checked into a Hotel Mini Palace a room for Rs 250/- and rested for the day.

5th September 2005: 9th Day >> Vadodara - Bharuch - Thane

Left Vadodara at 6:45 am and drove past Baruch (9 am), Navsari (11:15am) and reached Godbandar road, Thane at 3:45pm and Home by 4:00pm

Car KM Summary:  In all the Gujerat Car Tour covered  2379 Kms, in 9 days and consumed 122.66 Lt of Diesel (using AC most of the time) and thus an average of 19.6 Kms/Lt (Daily Kms Avg = 267 Kms/day).