Shillong - City Sights

21st December 2011: 
I had booked the city coach tour of Meghalaya Tourism for today. The bus started at 9:00AM full of Bengali tourists from Kolkata. By end of the day, I had got a complete refresher course of Bengali speaking! As always Bengalis are hrilled to hear a south-indian speak Bangali, however badly!

Following city-sights for today:
1. Ward Lake 
2. Golf Course
3. Don Bosco Church
4. Lady Hydari Park
5. Shillong Peak
6. Elephant Falls
7. Barapani Lake

Nice tree-lined road - skirting the Golf Course

Lady Hydari Park

Hydari Park - a brooding inmate - Kolaveri Di?  

Shillong view from Shillong Peak

Another View from Shillong Peak 

By 2:30PM we had finished most all points i n Shillong and were headed out towards Barapani which is 17Kms North of Shillong on Guwahati road. We were stuck in a heavy traffic jam. I decided to get off the tour bus and return to hotel. The Barpani pics here were take on my way out to Guwahati on 26th December.   

Ward Lake

Golf Course - Shillong

Don Bosco Church, Shillong

Elephant Falls

A tourist group - in NE costumes! 

Barapani Lake

Another view of Barapani lake

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