Choukori - A hill-station at 2010M / 6600 ft

Chaukori  2010m/6600ft



5th October 2006: Arrived at KMVN-GH at Chaukori at 2:30pm and found the GH sprawled in a scenic hilly setting, with a semi-circular row of cottages fronting a big lawn (pic left). Also in the GH lawn there was a tall observation tower structure for viewing the Himalayas (pic below).

In the evening climbed up a small hillock adjoining the GH near some ramshackle tea-factory to view the peaks at sunset and was rewarded with some amazing golden sunset pics (left and below). These are the famous Panchuli (five chimneys) peaks:

6th Oct 2006: Got up very early at 5:00am and while waiting for the sunrise snapped some orchids and flowers in the VKMN Chaukori garden (see 2 pics left below). However, sunrise revealed clouds all over the horizon and no peaks were visible. A big disappointment for me waiting on the platform on the observation tower (pic below).

Decided to check-out after breakfast and head for the next location Munsiyari. At 8:30am took a share jeep to the nearby Udayari Bend and from there another share-jeep to Thal.