A 7-day Trek from Sangam-Chatti to Dodital, Darwa-Pass and to Dayera-Bugyal via Suru-Thatch and ending at Barsu Village, in Uttarakhand, India. 

The Barnala Lake and surrounding meadows, forests & cattle - view from the Barnala Chattri

Day-7, 30-May-2015:
Dayara Bugyal > Barnala Lake > Barsu Vill

Today is our last day's trek down to Barsu (2275M) via Barnala. It's an easy trek downhill, a walk of 8KM all the way to Barsu. We started early at 7AM walked mostly in down sloping bugyals and sometimes through forests of trees. There was a clear stone-trail down most of the way so no chance of losing the way. Within a Km we came to some shepherds' camp where there is a diversion to Raithal (also a road head). But we kept left on the trail to Barsu as decided. 

A Gujjar camp near where the trail diverts to Raithal

The Barnala Lake 

By 8:30 we reached the Barnala meadow with its lake and a Chattri as Rest point. We stopped here for 15 mins before continuing further steep descent, along a stone-trail ziz-zagging down steeply. Last 1 km before Bartsu the trail was cement pavement that made the walk down a bit hard and unpleasant. 

We reached Barsu around 10:45 AM. Our Guide had already called for a 'booking' Maxx at Noon. The Maxx came before time at 11:30AM and so we didn't wait long. We were in Uttarkashi "Bhandari-Annexe" hotel by 12:45PM. We got a good comfortable DBL-room with a balcony overlooking the noisy Gangotri Road, we relaxed the rest of the day watching traffic. 

We did not use the extra buffer day that we had kept and so we rested one more day (31st May 2015) at the Bhandari Hotel and we left for Haridwar on 1st June 2015 to catch our train to Delhi and then to Mumbai on 2nd June 2015.

As we descend more meadows with grazing cattle

The view north from our tent site of Dayara Bugyal

The view south from our tent at Dayera Bugyal

More view of Dayara Bugyal at lower level 

The 'Chattri 'rest-point near Barnala Lake 

Nearing Barsu we could see the entire village