Mahansar - 4th town in Shekawati area that I was visiting to see the painted Havelis

20-November-2012: Mahansar doesnt have any major painted Havelis;
 but the main attraction here is the Raghunath temple and the Poddar "Sone-Ki-Dukan" which has elaborated stories and scenes 
from Gita and Ramayan 
frescoed in gold and other vivid colorson the cielings and wall of this shop. 
I arrived here at 11:30AM and first went to the Raghunath Temple. 

Inner Courtyard of Raghnath Temple

The Sone-ki-dukan is near the temple but usually is locked and the Key is in the nearby Grocer's shop. He sent his helper-boy to open it up for me. Manish the helper-boy was happy to explain, in detail, the various stories from the scriptures that were etched in vivid colors on the walls-ceilings.

Intricate painting on ceiling of Sone-ki-dukan

Intricate painting on ceiling of Sone-ki-dukan

Ram hunts the golden deer for Sita 

Jatayu tries to stop Ravan abducting Sita 

Front of Raghunath Temple from the street

Main Dieties at Raghunath temple

The street view of Sone-ki-dukan, Mahansar

Ravan in disguise visits Sita 

Ram with his sena crossing the sea to Lanka

Krishna to Arjuna - Geeta Upadesh