Badami, Karnataka

Main entrance to Badami Cave-1 (Nataraja Cave)

The 18-armed dancing Siva ..... 
showing 9 Bharatnatyam postures in Cave-1  (c. 550AD)

Varaha Avataram - in Cave-2 dedicated to Vishnu  

View north over village, Agastyatheerta lake and the Northern Hill

Another view of the Agastyateertha lake from Cave-4 level

From the Cave-4 dedicated to Jainism 

Bhuthanatha Temple near Archeolgical museum

Another view of Bhuthanatha temple

17th March 2010: I drove into Badami at 11:45AM and had a look at KSTDC and Satkar Hotels; but finally took a room at The Mookambika Deluxe (opp. Bus stand), an AC room at Rs 1200/-. In the evening around 4:00PM walked to the Main Caves area and looked at all the 4 tiers of Caves and later walked around to the otherside of Agasthya-theerta, water tank to the Museum (but had closed by 5:00PM) and the Bhuthanatha Temples. 

Notes on Cave-1

Durga-Mahishamardini in Cave-1 

Trivikrama  (another Vishnu Avataram in Cave-2) is booting out a demon ... while holding variety of weapons in his 8 hands.

Carving of Vishnu (in cave-3, 578AD) sitting on coils of snake

Jain Thirthankaras in Cave-4 at Badami

The Bhuthanatha Temple on Agastyatirtha on Lake bank in East