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Jakar is an amazing and beautiful town and we stayed at the nice River Lodge here. There are many local sights to see in Jakar and we visited Wangdi Chong Palace, Kurjey Lakhang, Namche Nyingpo Gompa etc. before continuing further East past Ura, Shelthang-La, Thrumsing-La and further East past Namling Waterfalls, Mongar town and to finally to eastern most town of Trashigang.   

Highlight pictures from this Tour:

Central Bhutan Jakar-Bumthnag


River Lodge, Jakar

The beautiful woodwork setting of the Dining Hall, at River Lodge

   Another view of River Lodge


 The nice Room at River Lodge


View of Jakar Djong seen through the tree at Wangdi Chong Palace

Inside Wangdichoeling Palace

Courtyard view at Wangdichoeling

Mural Paintings at the Palace

A house in the Palace grounds

Young Monks at Wangdichoeling Palace in Jakar


A wall of Chortens at Kurjey Lhakhang

Khurjey Lhakang

 Other Buildings in Khurjey

 A tree in Khurjey Lhakang



Namche Nyingpo Gompa

Namche Nyingpo Gompa

Namche Nyingpo Gompa

Town of Jakar seen from lawns of Namche Nyingpo Gompa

View of Jakar Valley from Gompa


Scenic Views after Jakar

Scenic Views after Jakar

Flowers from the roadside

Views on way to Thrumsing-La

Views on way to Thrumsing-La

The Rhodendron Park (closed) we passed just before ThrumsingLa 

A house in clouds at the pass

Namling Waterfall - the portion above the road

The chorten above the waterfall - the portion below the road

 Kids we pass on the raod on otherside of the river bridge

We reach Mongar (WP285) at 3 pm

Mongar - we had tea in this shop

A Chorten we passed after leaving Mongar, on way to Trashigang 

Highlight Details of this Tour:

River Lodge at Jakar, Bumthang - a nice hotel we stayed in Jakar

We were lucky to have found this very nice hotel, River Lodge, in Jakar. It was the first hotel on our way into town (as per LP-Bhutan map), and so we went there first to see. The rooms looked luxurious and the owner so friendly that we decided to stay there.The rate of Rs 1250 for a DBL room was reasonable too. The rooms had very comfortable beds, nice Rajai and a working wood-heater (it was quite cold here at night).  After 10 days of hectic touring (and considering the comfortable beds here) we decided on a  late start, on the morrow. 

Pema Dawa, owner of River Lodge, shows the bullet marks on the shield  used by his great-grand-father


19th April 2009: Today we had a great breakfast of Toast/Butter and a variety of locally made "River Lodge" brand Jams and Honey. Thees bottles were available on sale too. We packed up and left at 7:30am to first do some local sightseeing in Jakar and then continue our eastward drive.


Hari, Srinath & HVK . .  pose in front of Wangdichoeling Palace in Jakar

First, we went to the historic Wangdichoeling Palace, built in 1857 by Trongsa Namgyal, the first Palace built not like a fortress. It was meant to be the residence of his son Ugyen, the first King of Bhutan. It is now a bit rundown, still showing signs of original beauty.

Another building on the grounds of Wangdichoeling Palace, Jakar

From the palace we went to the Khurjey Lhakhang complex; comprising three temples built adjacent to each other. The oldest to the right built in 1652 is built around a rock where Guru Padmasambhava left a body print while meditating. The third one, on the left is a recent one built in 1980 by the royal grandmother. 

Kurjey Lhakhang, Jakar

Our Scorpio exiting Kurjey Lhakang

From Khurjey Lhakang we went to the 3rd site in Jakar that we wanted to visit, i.e. Namche Nyingpo Gompa.  


Namche Nyingpo Gompa at Jakar


View of Jakar valley from Namche Nyingpo Gompa 


After visiting the last Gompa in Jakar, we continued our Eastward journey climbing first Ura and then Shelthang-La (11,500ft) and Thrumsing-La (12,400ft). The route was very scenic as depicted in the following pictures.

  Scenery as we leave Jakar-Bumthang

The prayer flags and chorten as we enter Ura

Thrumsingla at 12400 ft - clouds, mist and very cold here!

Namling Waterfall coming soon ... this from the opposite side of valley

Our Scorpio at the Namling Waterfall (WP274)

We cross this bridge & river, at Kurizom (WP282), before climb to Mongar

Another Gompa that we passed on the way to Trashigang