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Khajuraho is a World Heritage Site. It was once the capital of Chandela kingdom. The Chandelas built these temples in a creative century between 950 to 1050 AD, in a remote location; which perhaps helped it survive the Muslim onslaught. This page covers the temples and sculptures of the Southern Group of Temples. 

13th December 2005 : Afternoon

I reached the southern group around 1:30 pm and visited the Duldeo temple first and then Chaturbhuja.

Duladeo Sculptures






Chaturbhuja Temple




After seeing Chaturbhuja at 3:30pm I could not find my car keys. And was locked out! I had to borrow a bicycle from a villager, and ride it shakily back to my hotel to get a dupicate set of kcar keys! Later found the orginal set of keys also inside the car. So by the time I left Chaturbhuj it was 4:00pm.

Went to Cybercafe in the market and burnt a CD of all my pictures for a backup. 

Went back to my hotel by 5:30pm and planned tomorrows departure to Orchaa.

Duldeo Temple - a Nirandhara temple dedicated to Siva

Duladeo Images

3m high statute of Vishnu .... at the Chaturbhuja temple

  Entrance decoration .... at Chaturbhuja Vishnu temple