A backpacking tour to explore some remote areas and places in Eastern Kumaon, along the Kali River, that is the border between Uttarakhand, India and Nepal 

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Ashurchula Trek

In above Google Map, the red line is my GPS recorded trek trail to reach Ashurchula Peak 
the blue line is the share-Maxx road route to Chandak & Chherra on the Digtoli Road from Pithoragarh

6th March 2014: 
I asked the Reception guy at Pithoragarh-KMVN about share-Taxi or Bus  to Chhera, Chandak and Ashurchuli. He said the share-Maxx to Chandfak actually goes past this KMVN, but they will be full and won't stop; they start full from the taxi-stand at market place just 1Km down the road. So after breakfast, I walked down to the market and after some email work at the cybercafe, reached the taxi-stand. I had to wait for the Maxx to fill up and we left at 10:00am.

We reached Chandak first 10:30am and carried on a some further distance to the Chhera Village on a ridge where the ride ended. Awesome clear views of snow-peaks of the entire Kumaon range from here. Took many pictures. Some displayed here/

Then I walked down the Digtoli road, further 1 Km or so, till a point where the Ashurchuli trail starts. There a shepherd pointed out the paved climbing path-trail to Ashurchula temple and hilltop. 

Day-wise details of the trip are in sub-pages: