Nanda Devi Outer Sanctuary Trek (Page-2) 

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Day 4: To Saini-Kharak and back 

18th June 2010 - Day-4: Today morning we got up early at 5:00AM to view the ND West-Rim peaks. Initially there was some wispy clouds; but soon with more sun they cleared out to give some crystal clear views of the snow peaks, ringing the ND Sanctuary on its western rim. 

Nanda-Ghunti and Ronti at the back ... from Lata Kharak

Close-up of Ronti ( 'Jaws' look) & a bit of Nanda-Ghunti behind that

After breakfast at 7:20AM we set out for Saini-Kharak, another ridge, just to east of us. It was just 3 KM away one way. There we would get more direct view up the Rishi Ganga gorge/valley and see Nanda-Devi at the head of valley.  Sonu and Raghuveer accompanied us.

Bethartoli again - this time from Saini-Kharak (3885M)

Raghuveer, KS and SK perched on a huge rock at Saini_Kharak that over looked the Rishi_Ganga gorge and the ND rim of peaks

The normal view of Nanda Devi from Saini Kharak

A zoomed view of Nanda-Devi (7816M) from Saini_Kharak

We walked over a huge stretch of boulders and stones piled up on the ridge for a further 1KM, but even though Sonu suggested we can go further down the ridge, to see the Rishi Ganga Gorge from a different angle, we  decided that we were quite satisfied with what we had seen and so by 9:30AM we started back. On the way back we saw so many wildflowers and even some colorful butterflies that Sonu chased with my camera to catch it. We were back in our log-hut by 10:30AM

Saini Kharak wildflower

Views from trail during return trek to Lata-Kharak

More wildflowers

A butterfly near Lata-Kharak (pic by SK)

Bethartoli Himal (6352m) from Lata Kharak - as the morning sun rays lights up its bowl shape

Sun rise on Hathi Parvat , 6727m (east face) at Lata Kharak (SK-pic)
Little later Bethartoli (L) and the Ridge leading to Trishul (R) 

Before we enter the Saini ridge, we get a patch of level grassy ground - so I set up the Tripod up and take some shots from here (SK-pic) 

As we near the Saini ridge we see the twin peaks of Devistan   

Zoomed Devistan II (6729m) & Devistan I (6678m) from Saini Kharak

Bethartoli Himal from Saini Kharak. The ridge on the right behind Bethartoli is part of Trishul (not visible from Saini - Pic by SK)

Returning from Saini Kharak. The trail on this ridge was mostly piles of boulders, stones, gaps and holes; just waiting to twist your feet.
Views from trail during return trek to Lata-Kharak

Views from trail during return trek to Lata-Kharak