A 7-day Trek from Sangam-Chatti to Dodital, Darwa-Pass and to Dayera-Bugyal via Suru-Thatch and ending at Barsu Village, in Uttarakhand, India. 

Video of Sadanand Kamath (SK) and Rajesh Panwar cross the log to reach our Assi-Ganga River Camp

Day-4, 27-May-2015:
Dodital Lake to Assi-Ganga River Camp: 

Today we had breakfast, packed up the tent and started the trek by 8:00AM. Next to the temple we visited the Forest Dept Office to pay for the fees for pitching the tent and using their cookhouse. We are headed down today all the way to Assi-ganga river and camp on its banks.    
The descent was quite easy and within 1 hour we reached Manjhi. We stopped there for over 1 hour, just chatting with the Locals. Here we said good bye to the Gadgils, who were headed back to Agora. We took a direct route from Manjhi, instead of going to the Trail Junction from where the trail goes down to Satgarh. Our Guide Rajesh said we will save some distance via this direct descent.

We walked down steeply through a nice mix of trees, forest and meadows. There was no clear trail here and so we just went zig-zag along narrow 'paths' (made by grazing cattle) heading down towards a particular direction where the Guides and Porters were 'guessing' the Log bridge would be. This descent too was a great experience. 

We stopped for rest in a thick pine forest stretch as we neared the river and took some group pictures (one below). 

Our Group in a pine forest; just above Assi-Ganga

Further down we met a stream of Assi-Ganga river and walked a bit down to where it merged into main river and found a Log bridge to cross over to the other side where there was a bit of meadow in a clearing to put up our tents. There was a herd of sheep and some shepherd's huts at this location. 

The river, at this site, was flowing at a noisy furious pace, past lots of landslide rocks and tree debris lying around. Lots of birds were flying around over the water and sitting on tree stumps in the water. And spent a quite a while trying to shoot their pics which was not easy. 

Assi-Ganga river flowing strong; view from our tent

Birds perched on trees and boulders in the River

That night we slept in the tent with the constant roar of the gushing river in our ears. What a nice spot for a tent camp!

Ready to leave, looking back towards Dodital & Temple

SK relaxing on a log .. during our rest stop at Manjhi

Leader of the pack .. chose a throne of a rock?
Our Tents pitched .. on the bank of Assi_Ganga

Birds perched on trees and boulders in the River

Birds perched on trees and boulders in the River