Kumaon Hi-Altitude Villages Trek (K-Trek) 

10-day, 100+ KM trek to some high-altitude Villages of Eastern Kumaon. Route: Loharkhet - Dhakuri - Khati - Mikila - Kimu - Namik - Thal~Kharik - Chupoo~Pass and finally the trail ending on the road to Munsiary (32KM), between Bala & Birthi Falls

 ***** Namik 2150M *****


The Namik GH where we stayed

Tara, Mala, ?, Pushkar and ?  

Mala, Tara, Nandan & Labraj 

Mala and her 'best friend' Nanadan

Pushkar Kumar 

Tara brings in 2 more friends  for the photo-op.  Its funny how the kids here fold hands in a Namaste ... when being clicked! 

Two  Namik men pose with Balwant (sitting)


Sunset Cloud Plays at Namik

20th December 2008 Day-8 : Kimu to Namik 
a short 8KM trek today

6:00AM morning at Kimu was 12*C and there was a light snow fall (flakes) but only for a few minutes and stopped. After breakfast we left Kimu GH at 8:15AM. Anyway today was a short walk to opposite valley village Namik. We initially walked down the terraced fileds and then climbed down steeply to Ramganga River crossing on a wooden bridge.


Debu on the Ramganga rivers's simple shaking wooden bridge

After crossing Ramgaga river we had a very steep near vertical climb up of 300M through a muddy and slippery path, till we reached the trail again. We walked another hour through terraced fields, climbing steadily to reach Namik at 10-45AM. So it was just 2.5 hours trek today. Most of today's trek was in cloudy conditions with light drizzle all the way. Debu said it could start to snow anytime, but it didnt. We settled into a Namik GH and soon Balwant had lunch of Rice, dal, sabzi ready by 1:ooPM. Plenty of Namik children swamped our GH balcony all afternoon, wanting to be photographed singly and with groups of friends.   

Looking back down at the bridge after that 20min steep climb 

Looking south from Namik  ...  Gogina village on the other side 


Yellow house with blue doors (in center of picture) is the Kimu GH where we stayed yesterday! This picture shot from Namik, across the Ramganga valley with a 300MM Zoom (f/8 & 1/60). Guess it is 2 KMs away. as the bird flies, from Namik-GH - though we walked 8 KMs!

Snow peaks North, from Namik

Golden Sunset and cloud plays from Namik