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Ujjain: Famous Mahakaleshwar temple 

5th Dec 2005 - left Mandu's Roopmati Hotel at 7:00am and drove stright to Indore (9:30 am) about 100Kms away, to withdraw cash from an ATM and fill diesel for car.

From Indore went on to Ujjain and visited the famous temple at Noon.

A local priest took me to inside the Sanctum & made a quick tour of the smaller temples around the courtyard

 The local priest .... in red dhoti & white baniyan at Ujjain temple

 Ujjain Temple Courtyard

Small Ram Mandir in courtyard

Camels on road beyond Ujjain

Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain

Thats me at the Ujjain Temple courtyard

Caravan of Gypsies with their Camels on road from Ujjain to Sehore   

The garden & peculiar circular design Sehore's Crescent Hotel

I left Ujjain at 12:30pm not stopping to see the many other temples of Ujjain that were listed in my Guide book. From Ujjain I drove south-west to Dewas and then continued on NH-86 heading for MP capital Bhopal. 

However on seeing a nice road-side Motel, while passing Sehore some 40kms before Bhopal around 4:20PM decided to stop and stay the night there.  The Hotel Crescent was quite decentone with an attractive garden and a nice DBL room for Rs 400/- a night. 

Today I had logged a total of 322 kms from Mandu to Sehore via Ujjain.

Tomorrow plan to go Bhopal and Sanchi and Vidisha. 

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