Wildflowers at Kaas Plateau, near Satara in Maharashtra State 

Kaas Plateau Wildflowers, Boating in Koyna lake from Bamnoli, Sajjangarh Fort & Scenic Views, Thosegar Waterfalls and Windmills of Chalkewadi

Kas, Satara, Maharashtra 415001

I visited the Kaas Plateau on 17th Sept 2010, along with my friend Sadanand Kamath (SK) to see the famous wildflowers that bloom here every monsoon. Amazing colourful carpets of wildflowers, set in lush green, monsoon drenched, rolling hills near Satara, in Maharsahtra.

Wildflowers on the Kaas plateau, Kaas lake and boating on the Koyna reservoir (from Bamnoli Village ferry point) are all covered in the pictures in below flickriver gadget:

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For a more detailed tour report see my friend Sadanand Kamath's blog here:  Kaas & Sajjangad 

SK and I visited Sajjangarh fort on a hilltop on 18th Sept 2010. It has fabulous views of the surrounding countryside drenched in greenery from the monsoon rains. There is a temple and ashram of Samarth Ramdas Swami.

Further down the road are the famous waterfalls of Thosegarh, in a deep green valley. And beyond that teh Cahlkewadi Plateau has windmills and some wildflowers too. See the pictures in the flickriver gadget below:

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